How Your Black Moon Lilith House Placement Affects Your Life & Relationships

Black Moon Lilith represents the darkest parts of yourself and its house placement reveals which areas of your life your shadow side shows up.

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There are few things in astrology as enigmatic and mysterious as the Black Moon Lilith. And the interesting thing is, it's not an actual planet or asteroid! Black Moon Lilith is actually the lunar apogee, or 'dark side,' of the Moon. 

Likewise, Black Moon Lilith is said to represent the darkest parts of yourself. While your Black Moon Lilith sign can reveal your unexpressed traits, desires and emotions, its house placement reveals the areas in your life where that darker energy is most prevalent.


Effects of Black Moon Lilith in the houses

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Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 1st house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the first house of self, it imbues the native with a kind of animal magnetism that one cannot put a finger on in their presence but can feel right underneath the skin. Since the first house also impacts one's physical appearance, the individual with Lilith here often has a contrarian look about them. They may be dark beauty in a community overrun with blondes or have extra bushy eyebrows and a fierceness to their appearance that makes them come across as edgy and powerful. People who have Lilith in the first house are immediately recognized as rabble-rousers and rebels. They can't hide it.


Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 2nd house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the second house of personal finances and securities, it imbues the native with an uncanny ability to know what will bring them power, wealth, and success and what will not. Their reasonings appear counterintuitive... until hindsight reveals just how much on-the-money they were (pun intended). Interestingly, because of Lilith's rebellious nature and heavy focus on sensual pleasures and activities, people with Lilith in the second house can easily lose money and pack on severe debt if they are not careful.

Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 3rd house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the third house of communications and friendships, it makes the native speak in a manner that can be considered inflammatory, rude, and edgy. They are just as likely to reveal their feelings as clam up, so there's no knowing what they will say or do from one moment to the next. Their powers of seduction are extremely strong too, especially through speech. Unfortunately, people with Lilith in the third house often fall into the company of the wrong sorts of folks or actively seek out such associations to try to prove to the world that they are being judgemental... until they realize that the crowd is not always wrong.

Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 4th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the fourth house of home and nurturing, it can create a cloud of instability and danger in the home environment of the native. This can range from having a secretive family who are considered the black sheep of the community or who do not engage actively with others. Since the fourth house also reveals the nature of the mother, Lilith in the fourth house can reveal a maternal figure who doesn't fit the societal concept of maternity or engages in activities that are frowned upon heavily. This placement increases the risk of being a single parent or having a single parent while growing up. 

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Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 5th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the fifth house of expression, romance, and creativity, it imbues the native with the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses from others, be it anger, desire, pain, fear, or melancholia. The way these natives assert themselves can also arouse polarizing feelings in others, almost as if one has Aquarius in the fifth house (but more extreme). Unfortunately, Lilith in the fifth house often attracts romantic relationships of the explosive kind.

Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 6th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the sixth house of practicality, work, and health, it makes the individual a black sheep in their work environment, even if people are unable to put their finger on exactly why they feel the individual does not fit in with them. In extreme cases, the person may be a corporate spy whose motives are to secretly gather sensitive data. Lilith in the sixth house does have a negative effect on one's health, but not in a way that causes outright disease or disability. They can simply be born with a squint eye or have a bunion toe that makes them stand out.

Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 7th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the seventh house of partnerships and relationships, it makes a person a dark social butterfly. These natives thrive in communities and societies that are drunk on power and politics and have social sensibilities contrary to that of the general population. And when they are mingling with regular folks, they may come across as divergent or someone to watch out for or whisper about. Lilith in the seventh house can also bring one a spouse who is unfaithful but a master at hiding their betrayals. The native often finds themselves attracted to such people and friends without realizing why they are drawn to them.

Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 8th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the eighth house of death, sex, and power, it's ride-or-die season from the beginning of one's life till the end. This is a potent placement for Lilith but sometimes brings more hardships and pain than pleasure. However, for some individuals with Lilith in the eighth house, that's exactly what they want because they only feel pleasure when they are in pain or when causing someone else pain. These natives are also attracted to secret societies and occult knowledge for the sake of enhancing their personal power.


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Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 9th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the ninth house of exploration and higher studies, it imbues the native with a desire to expand their horizons and know more about the world in a manner that some would consider counterproductive or detrimental to the individual. They often fall prey to false teachers and spiritual leaders too, but can just as easily become that themselves. If a person with Lilith in the ninth house is very conscious of their life and choices, they can turn this challenge on its head and become a powerful figure in academia or even change the course of human history in their chosen field of interest. There will be a lot of friction and opposition at first though.

Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 10th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the 10th house of success and career, it makes an individual a force to be reckoned with and someone who evokes fear and hatred in large swathes of society. Whether they are a fashion designer or an army general, their career often resembles a hero's journey where it's difficult to discern whether they are the hero or the villain. But then again, words like “heroes” and “villains” only reveal which side a person is on with the victors getting to write history however they please. Lilith in the 10th house is not above using hooks and crooks to get what they want.

Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 11th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the 11th house of futurism and humanitarian focus, it imbues the native with the false sense that they are responsible for changing the course of human history. This placement can often give rise to excessive egotism and narcissism unless the individual watches out for such things. Lilith in the 11th house people are also prone to running con acts while deluding themselves that they are doing the world (or their community) a great service. It's not pretty though when the community backlash comes in, which is guaranteed with this placement, after all, the 11th house is the domicile of Aquarius, the outcast. And Lilith is an outcast too.


Natal Black Moon Lilith in the 12th house

When Black Moon Lilith is in the 12th house of spirituality and transcendence, it imbues the native with extraordinary power to influence the collective without revealing their hand. It also bestows on them many secret gifts, like the ability to sense people's intentions, counter their actions, and read them like an open book. Unfortunately, Lilith in the 12th house often brings frustrating people to one's life in the arena of love and romance. It's the placement of the mistress (gender no bar) and the native may feel this even after they enter a committed relationship or join themselves in marriage with someone.

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