The Zodiac Sign That Represents Your 'Shadow Self,' According To Astrology

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In order to grow in life, you need to see everything reflected back to you that you are not. This is called your shadow self or soul mirror. 

Your Sun Sign in astrology represents how you appear to the world. This includes the actions that you take and how you conduct yourself in life. 

But when you meet your shadow self or soul mirror in another, you are then presented with seeing the very traits that you can embody to grow more deeply reflected back to you.  

Your shadow self is always your opposite or sister sign. What it really represents are those qualities and traits that help to balance you out.

According to astrology and spirituality TikToker @tarotbybronx, your shadow side "tells you what you need to work on as a person."



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What is interesting is that your opposing sign also rules your seventh house in astrology, representing your romantic relationships. 

All of this is because in order to grow, to feel genuinely fulfilled, you need the balance of yourself. 

You and your opposing sign may be each other’s shadow selves, but you also make up where one lacks and vice versa.  

Your ‘shadow self,’ according to astrology 

Aries and Libra 

Aries and Libra have an interesting relationship because there is a lot for each of them to learn from the other.

Aries shadow tends to be impulsive and self-centered so Libra can show them how to slow down, think things through, and make fairer decisions for all involved.

Libra on the other hand can be self-sacrificing in the name of keeping the peace so Aries can show Libra how to stand up for themselves so that they can be better advocates for their needs.

The Aries can also often be more temperamental while Libra is known as the peacekeeper. Together, they can show each other the balance between blowing up at others and letting themselves be walked all over.

The relationship between these two allows each to embrace what they lack whether it is better self-reflection for Aries or being able to prioritize the self more confidently for Libra.

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Taurus and Scorpio 

Scorpio tends to exist mostly on a rollercoaster of emotions because they seek out the most intense moments in life, whereas Taurus prefers stability at all costs.

Together, Scorpio can learn to accept the peace that comes from healthy situations and Taurus can understand that stability does not always equate to a situation that they should remain in.

Taurus at times can seem unemotional but because Scorpio is such an intense sign, they can help Taurus open up and tap into their greater depth. But Scorpio can also learn how to just enjoy the simple pleasures of life instead of seeking out the thrill or chaos to get that emotional high.

Together, they can balance each other out emotionally, helping each embrace their feelings but also peace.  

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Gemini and Sagittarius 

Gemini is known as one of the most flighty and communicative of all signs. But Sagittarius is often quieter, solid in their own opinions and truth.

For these two signs, Gemini is able to challenge some of the outgrown beliefs of Sagittarius while Sagittarius can help Gemini become more defined in their own truth.

Sagittarius can often become stuck within their comfort zones, even though they desire to explore and travel the world. But Gemini rarely stays in one place too long.

In this relationship Sagittarius can challenge Gemini to become more steadfast and Gemini helps Sagittarius embrace their adventurous side. Together, these signs help each other form new beliefs, a keen sense of identity, and embrace life to the fullest possibilities.

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Cancer and Capricorn 

Cancer and Capricorn are known as the mother and father of the zodiac. One is deeply emotional while the other is more practical, truly appearing as opposites. Yet, there are valuable lessons to learn from each.

Cancer can help Capricorn get out of the materialistic view of success and learn to be more emotionally intelligent. They help Capricorn slow down at work and prioritize family and relationship time as that is what will help Capricorn feel more grounded and fulfilled.

On the other hand, Capricorn can help Cancer organize their emotions and discover the greater truth they represent. Because home is often the priority for Cancer, Capricorns often teach them about following their own dreams and not relying on others for validation or fulfillment.

They truly complement one another in the best of ways so that feelings do not become overwhelming, and life can be balanced with success in all areas.

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Leo and Aquarius 

Leo is the sign most known for following its heart, however, it can also be more concerned with looks than substance.

Aquarius tends to want to always go the way of the rebel even if it does not mean honoring itself.

For Leo, Aquarius shows how to make decisions for themselves in the most authentic way, regardless of how it appears to others in the world.

Leo teaches Aquarius how to remain true to themselves and feel their heart more deeply. As much of a free spirit as Aquarius can be, it is known as one of the zodiac signs that is most emotionally detached. But Leo helps Aquarius feel more deeply, so that they can balance out sovereignty with commitment.

Together they help one another be able to live more fully and authentically. They help one another find their true compass, their heart, and not let anyone else deter them from their own truth, no matter what that may mean.  

Virgo and Pisces  

Two of the most unlikely shadow signs are Virgo and Pisces. These two truly are opposites.

Virgo is incredibly analytical, planning every aspect of life down to the most minute detail. For them, safety is in planning and knowing what to expect.

But Pisces is the opposite. They can be so free, spiritual, and go-with-the-flow that they seldom accomplish much of anything.

Pisces teaches Virgo that they cannot be logical all the time and that especially in emotional matters, they are better off if they just go with the flow. This allows Virgo to better tap into their intuition so that they can balance their emotional self with their logical one.

For Pisces, Virgo helps them learn to break things down into smaller steps so that they can accomplish those big dreams that they have. Virgo teaches Pisces to pay attention to the more practical aspects of life, to plan things out and not just trust that eventually everything will be okay.

By incorporating these lessons into their lives, each sign can surrender to life and take responsibility for what is in their control.

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