Astrological Placements That Increase Your Chances Of Being 'The Other Woman'

There are some birth chart placements that may be associated with a higher risk of becoming "the other woman," according to astrology.

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Getting taken advantage of in love is the worst thing ever. Especially when you thought you were in a loving relationship with someone, only to learn they were already married (yikes!) or weren't single as they said.

But sometimes a person willingly chooses to be the “other woman.” Maybe because you got tricked into believing they cared more about you than their official partner. Or they said they were going to break up soon anyway. Of course, there are also those who can't help but be attracted to only people who already have a partner. Whether it's a self-esteem issue or childhood trauma, they have an insatiable need to prove that they are better than the chosen one. They need to feel like “they won.”


Considering this, can astrology tell you if you have a high chance of becoming "the other woman?" The following astrological placements in your natal chart can reveal those who have a higher risk of becoming a mistress.

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Astrology of 'the other woman'

Hard Venus-Pluto aspects

If you have Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Pluto, or Venus opposite Pluto in your birth chart, your chances of being the other woman increase dramatically.

Venus-Pluto contacts create fatalistic attraction towards unavailable people or people in positions of power. These natives may intuitively know that nothing good will come out of such a dalliance, but they get sucked into them regardless.


Venus-Pluto people are obsessive in nature and drawn to intense romantic attractions. Sometimes they falsely believe they have met a soulmate and are in a star-crossed love connection. These natives will find themselves in a taboo relationship or a clandestine affair at least once in their lifetime.

Lilith in 1st House and/or conjunct Ascendant

Lilith is the sign of the “other woman” in astrology. So, having one's Lilith in your first house of expression can give others the false impression that you are a very sexual being but will not stick around for too long. The Lilith person may not even know others are seeing them this way! But this is because we don't consciously project things in the first house. It's a natural part of who we are.

This phenomenon is even more pronounced if you have Lilith conjunct the Ascendant. Your first impression is polarizing because the edgy and alluring energy of Lilith is felt immediately. So, you either draw hostile reactions (because Lilith's “main character” energy pricks some people's insecurities) or have people show unabashed interest, to the extent of forgetting where they are and if it's even appropriate.

Lilith in Scorpio

Lilith in Scorpio enjoys being the other woman but not the side piece. They want to conquer someone so strongly that they discard their partner and worship the ground Lilith in Scorpio walks on. It's a two-birds-one-stone attitude where the hooked person validates Lilith in Scorpio's need to be the center of someone's universe and the discarded partner proves that they are best and the other person is worth nothing. This is commonly a narcissistic astrology placement also.


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Strong Neptune placements

In astrology, you call someone “Neptunian” when they have Neptune, Pisces, and/or the 12th house dominating their birth chart. Such people tend to be super-empaths and are very compassionate. But they also have a problem with grounding into reality, and fall prey to lies, delusional thinking, and even substance abuse.

Neptunian souls are easy targets for narcissists who tell them a giant sob story and then hook onto them to drain their compassion. This astrological placement not only makes a person prone to being the other woman but also draws a lot of emotional vampires to them.

Stellium in Scorpio in the 5th house

A person with a Stellium in Scorpio in the fifth house is both obsessive in nature and wants others to be obsessed with them. In romantic connections, this usually manifests as not staying faithful to one's partner. But they are also okay with being the other woman or sidepiece because they couldn't care less.


People with Stellium in Scorpio in the fifth house often develop sexual addictions. And their disregard for marital connections or other people's committed relationships becomes aggravated if they become famous and suddenly have access to more people who just want to party hard and not think too much.

Moon opposite Venus

People who have Moon opposite Venus in their natal chart behave differently when they are unattached versus when they are committed to someone or married. Weirdly enough, they have a high chance of being both the other woman and also the woman who gets cheated on.

Moon opposite Venus natives have a tendency to either reject their Moon or their Venus, depending on which sign they resonate with more. When they are more in sync with their Venus side, they like triumphing over the partner of the person they are having an affair with — more so if that person reflects a lot of the traits of their personal Moon sign. But if they resonate more with their Moon and reject their Venusian traits, they have a high chance of getting discarded by their partner for another woman who is often younger and prettier.


Moon in the 6th house

Moon in sixth house natives often get taken advantage of by a senior at work in a sexual way. This astrology placement hints at the classic boss-assistant romance. But the Moon in the sixth house person doesn't have to be an assistant. They could be a subordinate of any rank. Some cultures around the world even have a problematic name for such a phenomenon. It's called “the office wife.

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