How Your Black Moon Lilith Sign Affects Your Life & Relationships

In astrology, your Black Moon Lilith sign represents the darkest parts of yourself.

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In astrology, Black Moon Lilith represents the darkest parts of yourself; the parts that you often repress, but which hold the key to claiming your authentic spirit.  

This zodiac placement was named after Lilith, a figure from popular mythology who refused to abide by the rules of the patriarchy and was banished because of this.  

Traditionally throughout history, Lilith has come to represent authentic feminine energy, Shakti, feminism, sacred sexuality, and even a deep sense of spirituality.  


Lilith represents the untamed force within you that refuses to bend to the rules or conditions set forth by mainstream society which has predominately been ruled by those who fear this primordial female energy force.  

To discover your Black Moon Lilith Sign, you can use a natal chart calculator. In astrology, Black Moon Lilith is not a planet or even an asteroid but is similar to the North and South Nodes in a natal chart in that it represents a point on the moon’s orbital path.  

This is the dark side of the moon, and because of that, Black Moon Lilith represents the darkness that you have within you. 


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Lilith is often responsible for your unexpressed desires, passions, and truth. 

It is a significant astrology point that encourages you to harness your deepest, most wild authentic self because it enables you to live as your true self instead of merely avoiding those parts of your that are uncomfortable to embrace.  

Discovering your Black Moon Lilith sign will make you better able to discover what you are avoiding or hesitant to display to the outside world out of fear. 

When you do, you also can better understand yourself and your hidden motivations which means that you can befriend your demons seeing them as an important part of who you are. 


It is not just your light that makes you worthy, but your darkness as well.  

Black Moon Lilith sign meanings in astrology 

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Black Moon Lilith in Aries  

Lilith in Aries brings a competitive and fierce nature with sometimes uncontrollable strong emotions. You tend to become bored easily or put in so much effort your relationships become unbalanced.


You can scorch a relationship with your anger and come off as almost unfeeling. Because your emotions are so strong, you tend to make others feel like it is their responsibility instead of taking ownership of them.  

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus  

In Taurus, Lilith becomes seductive, sensual, and highly sexual. You may use your sexuality to get what you want or even to manipulate others.

You have a very illustrious energy about you that attracts almost anyone but because you also crave security you can also find that you stay within unhealthy relationships longer than you should.  

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini  

Your interest and curiosity for life is something that gets you in trouble here. Whether it is trying something new like skydiving or pursuing that cute person that crossed your path even though you are in a relationship, your desire to explore new things often leads to dramatic fallouts.


You also tend to run ridiculously hot and cold and can flip this switch on those closest to you.  

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer  

Learning how to say no is a valuable tool for Lilith in Cancer. You love to nurture and care for others, although you are also highly sexual.

Because you find so much worth and validation in being there for others you can also risk emotional and physical burnout, which is why putting yourself first becomes crucial.  

Black Moon Lilith in Leo  

With Lilith in Leo, you tend to need a lot of reassurance and validation from others which means that you can become reliant on their attention and words of affirmation.

You have no problem attracting others as you tend to be very physically attractive with a dynamic personality. However, because this is such a priority for you, others often see you as being superficial or shallow.  


Black Moon Lilith in Virgo  

In Virgo, Lilith becomes obsessively controlling. You have a strong attention to detail and tend to focus more on what is wrong rather than what is right. This can become stifling for a romantic partner or even a friendship.

Because of this, you can have a challenging time with any sort of long-term relationship until you begin to understand that perfectionism can never apply to people.  

Black Moon Lilith in Libra  

You tend to become disappointed with people easily. However, this tends to be self-inflicted due to the way that you set them atop a pedestal.

Lilith in Libra is always in search of something better and tends to often romanticize love and relationships. This will extend to your partner as well so that when you are forced to see the truth of them you often feel like it is a fall from grace.  


Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio  

If there was a ruling sign of Black Moon Lilith, Scorpio would be it. Similar to why it is the ruling sign of Pluto, these two signs together emphasize the intensity, darkness, and sexuality of life.

With Lilith in this sign, you may become preoccupied with that intense feeling in relationships not understanding that it is actually unhealthy. You also may be prone to dangerous sexual practices that put you at physical or emotional risk.  

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius  

In Sagittarius, Lilith is meant to live life. But this does not always mean that it is done in the healthiest of ways.

Moderation is something that this sign does not understand and, through dangerous behaviors, can often bring great harm to themselves all in an effort for a fun time. Because you are only focused on what’s fun, patience and dealing with matters of reality can be challenging.  


Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn  

Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn values authority as the most crucial tool to have or achieve. Because of this, you can become so preoccupied with having the upper hand in relationships that you end up coming across as being unfeeling.

At times, your energy makes people feel like they are pawns in your game and that they are only there for your benefit.  

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius  

Freedom is something that you will seek at all costs. Lilith in Aquarius craves authenticity and the chance to be itself which means that you will go to any length necessary to achieve that. Because of this, you can isolate those closest to you or make rash decisions that you come to regret later.

While being unconventional is not a terrible thing, making sure you are being true to yourself is important as well.  


Black Moon Lilith in Pisces  

When life gets hard you escape it. Pure and simple.

A natural avoider of the reality that you do not want to see, you tend to be the most susceptible to addiction issues. You also will paint situations and people far better than they actually are and then become distant and cold when you finally see the truth. This makes long-term relationships particularly challenging.  

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