5 Ways Astrology Warns You Someone Might Be A Narcissist

Proceed with caution around people with narcissist astrology placements in their natal chart.

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Untreated narcissism is a blight on the world. When narcissists are not trying to trick you with fake charm and lies to get something valuable out of you (only to discard you like garbage later), they are busy plotting how to be rulers of the world and have people worship them as such.

It's positively frightening (and also disheartening) how many of them are out there, especially in positions of power, dictating to us what is right and what is wrong according to their skewed perspective of the world.


So can astrology help us figure out if a person is a narcissist? After all, if you catch onto one early, you can avoid the toxicity altogether!

Here are a few zodiac placements that reveal narcissistic tendencies. Please note that the following astrology placements do not mean a person is absolutely a narcissist. However, the existence of these aspects in the natal chart indicates a higher probability of narcissistic traits.

Narcissist astrology placements

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1. Stellium in Leo or 5th House

The zodiac sign Leo catches a lot of flak for being self-important and egotistical. Their pride can get the best of them sometimes. That's why having three or more zodiac placements in Leo or the 5th house (also called a stellium in astrology), makes a person very prone to self-centeredness and grandiose thinking. This is more true if the Stellium in Leo or the 5th house is made of the Sun, Venus, Moon, or Neptune signs. Pluto adds a vicious touch here as well, making a person prone to sadism.

2. Moon conjunct North Node or South Node

Some astrologers consider this placement a “sign of a serial killer.” But that doesn't mean every person with Moon conjunct North Node or South Node is the next Ted Bundy or a narcissist. However, it does make a person prone to mental health problems and uncomfortable attachments to their mother.

Moon conjunct South Node in particular creates heavy delusion about the nature of the world. And Moon conjunct North Node can make a person believe they are “destined for greatness” and secretly desire to be hero-worshipped, which is very common in narcissists.

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3. Sun conjunct Neptune and/or Pluto

People with Sun conjunct Neptune and/or Pluto are very powerful. Especially Sun conjunct Pluto, which gives the native an almost single-minded drive to conquer their goals. But this astrology placement also makes a person prone to narcissism.

With Sun conjunct Neptune, the native is prone to delusional thinking and grandiosity. They can also fall prey to addictive behavior easily, especially sex addiction. With Sun conjunct Pluto, the native can be a closet sadist who is incredibly intense on the surface and charismatic, but frightening behind closed doors. They do not tolerate people leaking their secrets and can be extremely vengeful.

4. Moon in Scorpio

Every person with a Scorpio Moon is not a narcissist, as is true for the other aspects listed. But it makes a person very prone to inner turmoil and feelings of persecution. So they do everything they can to “get them first.”

The Moon in Scorpio makes a person very manipulative in nature. They love to study people and figure out their weaknesses. And they, sooner or later, start pushing people's buttons and enjoying how they can control the other person's reactions and emotions. This placement is more common in covert narcissists who appear to be pitiful loners at first.


5. Sun conjunct Venus

A person with Sun conjunct Venus in their natal chart is naturally charming and nice to be around. They're eloquent, have good manners, and project ambition without raising any red flags. But if this placement is debilitated, or the individual was raised without discipline or consequences, they can turn out to be charming, charismatic narcissists.

Deep inside, a Sun-conjunct-Venus person wants power and everything to go their way. Their outward projection of friendly ambition is usually a guise that hides cutthroat drive and desires on the inside. These people also tend to be very good-looking. And they use this, and their charm, to lull people into lowering their guard and revealing vital information to them.

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