How To Find Your Chart Ruler (And Why It's Just As Important As Your Zodiac Sign)

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Though the zodiac Sun sign is typically what we look to for horoscope activity and general personality traits, the chart ruler also plays an integral role in the theme of your life and how people perceive you.

The chart ruler in the natal chart is the planet associated with the Rising sign, which the energy of the ruling planet depends on.

We are given additional clues once we see how the chart ruler intertwines with other natal planets and the house where it resides.

New pieces of the puzzle of the natal chart are discovered with the chart ruler’s position. The house that the planet or planets live in allows us to see a new hidden chapter in our story.

Since the natal chart shows your potential path, transits can make us shift direction, especially the transits of outer planets aspecting the rulers of our chart.

How to find your chart ruler

Finding the chart ruler in the natal chart is easy. First, knowing your ascendant sign is essential, and then depending on your sign, the chart ruler will vary.

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For example, if you are a Taurus Rising, Taurus' ruling planet Venus is your chart ruler. You would then see which house Venus falls in your natal chart, which provides more insight into the themes associated with the chart ruler's qualities.

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Chart ruler meanings

Aries Rising: Mars chart ruler

The goal for the native is to take charge and not be fearful to assert themselves. If the native is afraid to take on challenges, this chart ruler will make it their mission to carve their place in the future.

Aries Rising does not back down and the native has to learn to connect with the warrior within.

Taurus Rising: Venus chart ruler

Depending on where Venus, the chart ruler, is located, the native will learn how to value themselves.

The goal for Taurus Rising natives is to become more disciplined, prioritize their needs, and learn how to work with authority. Learning to balance work and play is a good way not to overindulge and maintain focus.

Gemini Rising: Mercury chart ruler

With Mercury as their chart ruler, the native will be inspired to communicate and connect with others.

Gemini Rising is on a mission to learn, evolve, and leave its mark creatively and intellectually. Feeling more comfortable in their self-expression can allow them to share their ideas with others. 

Cancer Rising: Moon chart ruler

Their ruler is the Moon and, depending on the position of the Moon in the chart, they will either be focused on nurturing themselves or others.

Cancer Risings are on a quest to find themselves and establish emotional security. Becoming more confident in their abilities will allow them to establish boundaries early on, especially in relationships. 

Leo Rising: Sun chart ruler

As the Sun is their ruler, the natives will concentrate on finding their place in the world.

Leo Risings need to make sure to find the courage and strength to stand out without fear. They should know how to claim their throne and not shy from the spotlight.

Focusing on building their ego will help them tap into their chart ruler’s power.

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Virgo Rising: Mercury chart ruler

The natives with Virgo Rising have Mercury as their chart ruler. They want to adapt, learn and grow. They need to not let perfection take over their lives because it will stunt them from reaching their dreams.

Virgo Risings should not fear failure, instead, they should see it as another opportunity to learn from past mistakes to develop better plans for the future.

Libra Risings: Venus chart ruler

The Venus-ruled sign understands the importance of connecting with others. Socializing can get them far, especially in business settings.

Libra Risings are excellent networkers that know how to go after what they want. They might focus on finding love, but they must first learn how to love themselves before committing.

Scorpio Rising: Mars and Pluto chart rulers

Mars and Pluto co-rule this rising sign and are the chart rulers. Transformations and changes are nothing new for the natives since their experiences empower them.

Scorpio Risings need to learn to let go, move forward, and handle their frustrations more diplomatically. These are powerful people who should develop the confidence needed to get to where they wish.

Sagittarius Rising: Jupiter chart ruler

Sagittarius Risings are philosophers and scholars. Having Jupiter as their chart ruler, the natives want to expand and continue their learning journey. They are constantly inspired to reach new heights with networking and education.

Seeing where Jupiter falls in their chart will show them more about their interests.

Life is an adventure and they feel more connected when they travel and meet new people.

Capricorn Rising: Saturn chart ruler

This sign is ruled by Saturn. The chart ruler will make Capricorn Risings fearful of making mistakes and disobeying authority. Finding themselves, knowing their limits, and breaking free from restrictions that Saturn imposes, are themes associated with this chart ruler.

Developing confidence is essential. Learn to appreciate successes as well as failures. Don’t limit yourselves and know you are capable of much more. 

Aquarius Rising: Uranus and Saturn chart rulers

Uranus and Saturn both co-rule this sign. Those with this Rising sign will focus on being liberated and creating their own rules.

Uranus in their chart will enable them to see where they want to break free from. They do not want to be tied down and will do their best to stand out from the crowd.

Uranus represents freedom and Saturn structure, so finding a balance is essential for Aquarius Risings. The freedom they acquire will enable them to do social good for others.

Pisces Rising: Neptune chart ruler

Those with Pisces Rising have Neptune as the modern chart ruler. The native will be very inclined to establish their philosophy and learn from it. They could have a connection to spiritual practices and the collective.

Pisces Risings want to do more for the world, to help others, and to evolve. But, instead of giving all their energy to others, they need to learn to appreciate and love themselves first.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.