7 Subtle Ways Astrology Warns You When Your Life Is About To Change

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Planetary transits can rock our natal chart because they activate our natal planets and the houses they transit.

Some transits, like Venus and Jupiter, can feel easier and more expansive. We will be more joyful and excited, especially if these benefits align with our natal planets.

On the other hand, when outer planet transits happen, they can alter and redirect our entire lives. These transits are a time for patience, slow progress, and hard work. It is essential to learn to remain focused, keep calm and trust ourselves. They remind us that receiving a helping hand from others will allow us to elevate. 

Seven astrology transits that mean your life is going to change

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1. Pluto square or opposite natal Sun

Pluto represents transformation, power, and new beginnings. When Pluto aspects your natal Sun, it is an intense transit that makes you reevaluate your direction and goals.

You could also be presented with life-changing events that could impact your home or work environment. It is a time that involves a power struggle on the outside and within. You learn to find your voice and trust yourself when you are under pressure from authority figures.

Success from this transit means learning patience. You should not challenge authority figures during this time but learn to pick your battles.

You need to awaken the warrior within to deal with the responsibilities. Pluto wants you to fight and be fearless, but to be a tactician.

2. Saturn square or opposite natal Sun

Similar to Pluto, Saturn's transits can be challenging. These transits usually last about six months or a year.

Saturn wants you to be responsible, take action, and feel driven. Your energy levels are low during this time but putting in effort and understanding the value of being patient will work in your favor.

Lashing out at others during this time will work against you. The idea here is to keep the peace and stay centered.

A good way to keep calm during this transit is to pick up a hobby that allows you to channel your thoughts. Keeping focused on something that brings you happiness can change the tone of the transit. Staying one step ahead of your responsibilities is crucial as well.

3. Saturn in the first house

Saturn transiting the first house makes us ponder where you give away your power and how you can take it back.

This transit usually lasts 2.5 years, a time during which you will notice a drastic change in yourself once the transit is over.

Saturn tests your confidence levels, making you feel burdened by many responsibilities. Burnout is common with this transit since you are trying to juggle a lot at once, especially if this transit impacts your Midheaven.

Knowing when to take breaks and prioritize self-care and your own needs are tools needed for this transit. You can get carried away with work during this time, so finding a balance helps prevent exhaustion.

If there are still lessons to be learned, Saturn in the second house transit will bring up issues you tried to avoid when this planet was in the first house. 

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4. Saturn in the second house

If you think you have self-confidence, this transits leaves you in for a rude awakening.

During this time, you begin to see what your material possessions and the people you let into your life mean to you. It's also a time of reevaluating how you spend and save and how you value yourself.

You could be tempted to spend irrationally. More responsibilities get piled on with this transit, but when this planet was in the first, you learned how to stay on track and do things the right way. If you continue to fail in managing your commitments, especially in your personal life, you will start seeing the impact of it.

Saturn here wants you to find strength in yourself, speak up when you feel wronged, and plan for your future. Analyzing finances, not overspending, and learning to budget are great ways to handle this transit. It's also a good time to learn how to create boundaries — and practice them as well.

5. Pluto in the first house

Prepare to have everything about you transformed as this transit reflects a rebirth.

Pluto wants you to find your sense of power since you are in the metamorphosis stage with this transit. You emerge as an entirely new person once it is over.

It can take Pluto 12 to 30 years to go through a house, so expect a lot of growth and change occurring within this time.

Pluto transits can feel like a rollercoaster in dangerous territory, but it is all about finding courage and perseverance. You are at war with yourself and the world during this time, but after fighting and winning, you become unstoppable.

Knowing when to speak up and when to let people know they are wrong is essential for this transit. Although you could feel some anger, understanding how to handle stress and release the hurt you feel are good ways to manage the transit.

6. Neptune square natal Ascendant

You may feel lost and like you're lacking any sense of direction with this transit. Neptune appears to shake your dreams and foundation. You begin to question your moves and plans.

It is important to stay firm and not be moved by what Neptune presents, especially if you have worked hard over the years for your place in the Sun. Neptune square the natal Ascendant could make you want to abandon everything and start new. It is not wise to do so here since you do not have optics or a clear idea of the future yet.

Neptune makes everything nebulous. Being patient and being more logical are great methods that can help you get through this transit.

If you are confident about something, don't give up. Continue to educate yourself by reading, learning, and mastering your craft. Do not give up easily if things become cloudy. Don't be afraid to ask for advice from teachers, mentors, or anyone you trust.

7. Uranus in the seventh house

This transit has you questioning everything about your current relationships and partnerships.

Uranus can make you act impulsively, so it's best to take things easy if you are in a relationship. Communication is essential between partners during this time. Couples can also focus on doing spontaneous events that can bring excitement to the relationship.

Single folks will have a tough time finding someone that wants to commit. The best thing to do is focus on self-care and go with the flow when meeting new people. Do not pressure anyone into committing since Uranus is unpredictable and just as mysteriously as the partner appeared, they could also disappear. 

If you want to fall in love and things aren't going well, don't give up on love. Transits are not permanent. Communicate if you are in a relationship. Have fun if you are single and remember to establish boundaries during this transit.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.