The Best New Year's Resolution For You To Make This Year, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Because who wants to add "go to the gym more" to their list again?

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Let's face it: the easiest way to fail at making New Year's resolutions is trying to adapt to ones that don't reflect our personalities.

Forcing ourselves to try and stick to the cliche old standards like "I promise to eat less cake" and "I'm not going to complain about the small things anymore" is not going to work, especially if you love cake as much as I do.

Instead, if we really want to make a change in our lives, then we need to look deep inside ourselves and ask, "What do I want to change, why do I want to change it, and is it even possible?"


Everyone will have completely different answers to these questions, and they especially differ between zodiac signs.

A Taurus and a Cancer, for example, will have drastically different goals for the coming year, and they won't handle these goals in the same way. Change for one sign may be a lot easier than for the other, and it'll be impossible for certain signs if they've chosen the wrong goal in the first place, even if their horoscope indicates otherwise.

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Don't pick a resolution simply for the sake of New Year's novelty — pick one that reflects your temperance, your skills, and your personal attributes.

And luckily, these three things are what the zodiac is all about, so if you're unsure of which resolutions to pick this year, here's the best New Year's resolutions for each zodiac sign.

The Best New Year's Resolutions for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Be more patient with your projects.

Aries and Geminis have a lot in common when it comes to rushing too much. They're both creatives who have a habit of expecting instant results; however, this can be turned into a superpower.

There's nothing worse than starting a project only to leave it hanging in the wind all year, so this will be your year to finish your projects. Or start one that will go further than just the planning stages. Finish that book draft and submit it to a publisher; don't leave it sitting in a drawer out of fear that you'll ruin it, or that no one will read it.


But above all, Aries, be patient with it, because there's no point in progressing a project that's a rushed mess. A good project will take a long time to complete, so don't give up halfway through out of boredom. Your future fans will thank you for it.

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Taurus: Appreciate what you have.

Taurus, you're so paranoid that you'll lose everything you have that you can't see what's right in front of you. Your resolution is to chill with the jealousy and envy, because you'll be a lot happier if you just focus on the here and now, rather than the fear of what could be.

Similarly, you should probably rethink how you handle your finances. You're not the most frugal bunch, so instead of spending endless amounts of money on temporary things like take-out food or magazines, maybe use that money to make more experiences for yourselves.


Go to gigs, take more train journeys, or save some money for a vacation. Appreciate the here and now before you do end up losing it.

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Gemini: Stop rushing.

Gemini, you rush things, jump to conclusions, and just need to slow down, in general. Since Gemini is one of the most creative and day-dreamy of all the star signs, use this to your advantage.

When we create art or take part in a creative pursuit, it'll benefit us greatly to slow down and take our time with it. Just because your poem is badly written, that doesn't mean you should crumple up the paper and throw it away, and just because you got a rejection letter doesn't mean you need to pack it all in and give up.


Take a deep breath, write more slowly, paint with a steadier hand, and accept the fact that you may fail, but you can still find success eventually.

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Cancer: Be more positive.

Dear Cancer, you're probably the one sign that will hate this list, yet the one who needs it most. Cancers are known for being quite pessimistic, and in this bigoted death-ridden world, I don't blame you. But when we can't change the world around us, we have to make a change in ourselves.

Deleting contacts and group chats that stress us out is step one in blocking negativity, and step two is to surround yourself with things and people you love. For deeper issues, you might be best checking out Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but for the smaller things, most of the stresses start with social media.


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Leo: Listen to others.

Leo, we love you; you're generous and loyal, but you can sometimes be a little lacking in the listening department. Your friends come to you for advice and for understanding, but you can't help but make the issue about you, even accidentally.

Sometimes your friends don't need to hear that you've been in their situation before, or that you relate because of this and that; sometimes you just need to get straight to the point and listen to what they have to say, offering comfort when they're done.

That being said, don't lose your confidence in the process.

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Virgo: Stand up for yourself.

Virgo, you have a kind heart that people walk all over, and you just can't stop thinking about the pain it causes. After a while, however, this hyper-focus on how people have hurt you can really take a toll on you.

It's not an easy thing to stop doing, but I've realized over the years that it is possible to stand your ground if you try it gradually. Start slow, subtly, and eventually you'll be able to tell someone, "Actually, no I can't do you that favor, because you hurt my feelings. Can we talk about it?"

Once you master this skill, the over-thinking will eventually chill out, too. The thoughts you've been holding in will go away once you set them free. It just may take months or even years to master.

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Libra: Take no BS.

Just like Capricorn, you're often taken advantage of by those around you. Whether people mean it or not, sometimes they treat you like a pushover and this needs to stop next year.

You need to learn to stop laughing along with someone as they mock you "affectionately." You also really need to learn how to say "stop" and "I don't like that."

You deserve respect, Libra, and the only way you're going to get it is if you give it to yourself first.

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Scorpio: Trust people more.

Trust is difficult, especially if you've been hurt so many times, but we can't let past experiences ruin future ones. Of course it's great to be cautious; for example, if your gut tells you a guy seems kinda iffy, then trust it and get the hell out of there.


But if you tell yourself you're never making friends again because your ex-bestie has begun ghosting you, then your life is going to be pretty lonely. Trust isn't given blindly, it's earned, so if you're scared of losing someone again, Scorpio, then just be sure they've earned your love.

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Sagittarius: Break the distance (with art).

My dear Sagittarius, you become quite distant when you're stressed, so this is the year to pull people closer when you need them most. I can understand that you don't want to stress out your friends and family, but they care about you and only want to help.

Since you're such a creative person, why not make art with those you love? It'll bring you closer together and you can show off your famous Sagittarius art skills in the process.


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Capricorn: Get out of your comfort zone.

Now for the more stereotypical New Year's resolution: taking more risks! Luckily, Capricorns are already a pretty determined breed, so this shouldn't be too scary for you.

This boycott-of-the-comfort-zone isn't just about your dreams and aspirations, but for how you deal with tricky relationships. You may not be a pushover, but you do often tend to put yourself second to everyone else.


So this year, make sure you learn how to say no to people and put yourself first, even if it makes you uncomfortable for a little bit. Making friends with more Virgos will help this as you both have the same attitudes to friendships.

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Aquarius: Don't overdo everything.

Having more than one goal is great, but when you have 20 within the space of a month, chances are you're going to have trouble finishing any of them. So take one step at a time and pick your battles, Aquarius.

Speaking of battles, you should also aim to be more tactful this year because your frankness, despite being well intentioned, can be a bit hard to take sometimes. Everyone loves someone who tells the truth, but not if it comes across so sharply.


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Pisces: Let your creativity run wild.

Pisces, you're a natural artist, and if you're unsure of where your talent really lies, then next year is the year to find out. Are you a skillful sculptor? A poetic writer? a natural painter? You'll never know until you try.

If you've already found your creative gift, then make this the year that you improve your skills. If you're a budding journalist who is used to pitching online blogs, then maybe try your hand at pitching for print. If you're a comic artist who has published your own zine, then contact your nearest comic con and maybe grab a stall there. Just climb the ladder!

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