What Makes A Libra Unique?

One of a kind.

What Makes A Libra Unique? Allexxandar/Shutterstock.com

Libras are one of a kind. There's no other horoscope like the Libra zodiac sign.

To say Libra is unique is an understatement. Libras are one of the most extraordinary zodiac signs in astrology.

Even though they try not to show off, you can't miss their graceful poise, slender arms and legs, and that magnetic aura.

Libra season falls between September 23rd and October 22nd, making people born during this solar transit associated with the Fall Solstice.


Who doesn't love the change of seasons? It's perfect like Libra who is the right balance between hot and cold —beautiful like their ruling planet Venus.

What makes Libra unique?

Libra is special. They are the only horoscope that is represented by the scales.

All other signs have a living symbol, but not Libra. Like the scales glyph, this zodiac sign remains balanced.

Libras emotions are well-controlled. In fact, it's their personality that makes them one of the most beautiful of all.

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Libras center themselves. Through good or bad times, Libras are about love and beauty —everyone’s favorite traits.

However, there is much more to the exotic Libra, according to astrology.

Keep reading to find out what makes a Libra unique:

1. Libras are balanced.

The symbol for the Libra is the justice scales, displaying their attention to balance.

You will never meet anyone who goes through life with such maturity and poise as the Libra does.

They keep everything in check and don’t let their emotions get the best of them.

The Libra will never take on more than they can handle and give equal attention to all areas of their life.

This level of balance helps to flourish and live a healthy life.


2. They can give advice without becoming emotionally involved.

As you can imagine, people who live a balanced life give better advice.

They love to use their powers for good and help their friends when they're in a bind.

Libras will ALWAYS give you sound advice that you can trust.

They will leave any bias at the door and focus on what is truly good for your well being.

3. They are fair-minded.

Speaking of being unbiased, Libras are also incredibly fair about everything.

They admit when they’ve made a mistake or something is their fault.

They keep the scales balanced with their fairness and will never make their friends put in all the effort.

With a Libra, you will always get the same amount of effort you put in, in return.


4. Libras are loyal.

Whether you’re dating a Libra or are just friends, you’ll never have to question their honesty.

They will be your ride or die through thick and thin no matter what.

A Libra will never go behind your back or have anything but good intentions for you.

They love to see people in their circle thriving and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your dreams.

5. Libras are emotionally intelligent.

Libras are super smarty pants. They were probably top of their class and can solve math problems in their sleep.

This doesn’t stop with academics, they’re very intuitive to everything around them.

This makes the Libra one step ahead of everyone else.


Their intelligence helps them to solve problems before they become an issue and sniff out toxic people before allowing them into their lives.

6. Libras are romantic but practical.

If you’re dating a Libra, guess what, you’ve hit the jackpot. Libras are very giving and sweet.

They know how to give the right amount of love to a partner.

They are very dramatic and like to keep these gestures over the top.

With their go big or go home attitude, you’ll never question their love for you.

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7. Libra zodiac signs are intuitive.

Libras love to get their Zen on through yoga and meditation.

They can oftentimes be categorized as overthinkers, but don’t let that fool you.


The Libra always has control because of their amazing relationship with their inner self.

They are intuitive, spiritual beings and use forms of Zen to center themselves when feeling overwhelmed by thoughts.

8. Libras are charming.

Libras seem to get their way no matter what but how? They can charm just about anyone into giving them what they want, that’s how.

Libras are naturally very sweet and charming by nature but really know when to dial in this craft during times of need.

9. They have fashion sense.

Everything in a Libra’s life is on point so it’s no surprise that their outfit is as well.

They love the finer things in life and always stay on-trend.


Their style tends to be just as unique as their personality so they will likely put a twist on whatever everyone else is wearing.

Their fashion sense doesn’t stop with their clothes, they are great interior decorators as well! If you need help sprucing up your space, call a Libra.

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