Why Are Taurus So Strong?

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Why Are Taurus So Strong?

Taurus is the sign of the Bull, and their physical features reveal a strong personality type inside and out.

Taurus rules the neck, so when you meet someone with a lot of Taurus in their chart, you'll see a thicker or a long neck.

Their bodies can be stocky and their personalities firm when they have made up their minds.

Why is Taurus so strong?

Tauruses are born between April 20 and May 20 with Venus as its planetary ruler.

Even though they are ruled by the planet of love and beauty, they are fixed Earth energy which makes them stable and dependable in all that they do.

As represented by their bull sign, they can be resilient with their opinion or just life in general.

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Not only are Taurus zodiac signs physically strong, but they are also emotionally powerful too.

Taurus is the zodiac sign associated with the term, "I have", and this brings confidence to their amazing personality traits.

From inner courage to external brawn, here are a few more reasons why Taurus is so strong, per astrology:

1. They take no crap.

Even though they tend to be chill and laid back, they will fire back when tested.

Like a bull, they don’t attack unless they are provoked.

Once they are provoked, they will clap back even harder than those that came at them.

Their rage is explosive, especially when they are attacked, and they let it all out without any hesitation.

2. They know how to be alone.

Their independence and self-reliance are phenomenal.

Tauruses are self-starters and they don’t rely on handouts from others — they’d rather make their own luck.

If things aren’t going right and life gives them lemons, they will make their own lemonade.

The Earth is perfectly fine with being left alone and they tend to do things their own way.

They aren’t afraid to take on new challenges and they won’t hesitate to take the lead on those challenges.

They prefer to work on their own instead of working with a group.

They make their decisions without a second opinion from other people.

Tauruses don’t need other people’s sympathy, either, as they are strong at all levels.

3. Taurus knows what it wants.

Focus and determination is their middle name.

They have a strong will. Once Tauruses set their sights on a goal, nothing in the universe can stop them from achieving that goal.

They will do whatever it takes to reach their goal, even if it personally costs them.

Tauruses don’t believe in depending on “luck.”

They believe in careful planning, determination, and the willingness to execute something properly.

Their fierce determination coupled with their work ethic allows them to achieve big things.

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4. Taureans have high standards.

Tauruses set high standards not only for those around them but for themselves as well.

The Earth refuses to settle for mediocrity and they are always on the lookout for adventures and fun experiences.

With high standards, Tauruses tend to know what they want in life.

They know how to treat themselves and give themselves a personal boost.

5. Taurus is stubborn.

Whenever they are in team settings, they tend to take the leadership roles.

They have to fight their urges to lead whenever they aren’t in a leadership position.

Due to their stubbornness, they will argue until things are done their way.

Their stubbornness relates to their strong beliefs — they won’t budge on how they see the world.

Tauruses are strong due to their stubbornness as it allows them to stand firm in what they believe.

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