What Makes A Leo Happy?

Attention. Anything else?

What Makes A Leo Happy? Gorbash Varvara/Shutterstock.com

Leos are so happy, that's why they are known for being unapologetically outgoing, crazy, and loud.

The Sun is Leo's ruling planet, meaning that they are full of energy and can immediately light up any room they walk into.

Like a fire that's colorful and passionate, Leos represent passionate fixed energy.

As a fire sign born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are creative and extremely optimistic.

What makes Leo happy?

Leos know how to have fun in life and hope for the best because that's what they want for themselves.


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They strive to be the best and the most confident in the room, they know they are a queen.

Leos live for adventure, and fun always makes them happy. They love bold choices and to be surrounded by people they love.


They know how to have a good time and not just make themselves happy, but Leos love to make others happy as well.

After hanging out with a Leo, you will leave them feeling empowered and stimulated. Positive and energetic people cheer them up.

Leos always carry themselves in confidence. You will always see one dressed for success.

A Leo inspires others. They are natural influencers. And if you take advice from a Leo it's a real ego boost.

These are the simple things that can make a Leo happy, according to astrology:

1. Attention

Yes, attention. This instantly makes a Leo happy. When people hear them they feel good inside.

Leos love being the center of attention and having others like them.


One of the greatest things you can do to make Leo happy is to let them take the stage at a party or event.

A Leo will command attention and get the crowd to listen, or the party going.

They love to receive positive attention and compliments, so if you want to make a Leo instantly happy, just say you love their hair today.

2. Making friends.

Leos love receiving good hospitality and greetings from new people and enjoy other people's company and being attended to.

However, as much as Leos love to receive attention and catering to, Leos also are happy when they are able to make other people happy.

3. Being creative

A Leo loves change and spontaneity. They aren’t afraid to express themselves and aren’t allowed to make a big change or show off.


4. Spending money and having luxuries

Leos love spending their money on luxury things like fancy clothes and shoes and cars.

Leos love luxury. They enjoy fashionable clothes and shoes, and the coat that matches.

You also love all things modern and classy, anything of the sort will make you happy.

They are happy when they can show it off to their friends and family and bask in their success.

If Leo were to go to a movie, it would be at one of those fancy movie theatres where you can order dinner and sit in comfy chairs and have a good time.

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5. Being the hero

Leos also are happy when you ask them for advice. They love giving it out and being honest in every way.


When you let a Leo share what they feel about a situation, a person, an event, an outfit, they’ll give it to you straight with no filter.

When a Leo gives advice, they love it when you listen. 

Ask one about how to be confident or how to nail an interview. Ask them to share their taste in fashion.

If you were to ask a Leo for advice, to be a model for a photoshoot, or to help influence your new jewelry brand, a Leo will say yes before you finished the question.

Whatever it is, Leos have wise advice and love to help people as they strive to be the best and be the influencer for others.

6. Being helpful

Leos love to be there for the people because they are people persons.


You love to give your opinion even when you’re not asked because you love to spill the truth and drama because that’s what makes you happy.

They love feeling love and that makes them especially happy when they can go the extra mile for someone and help them in some sort of way, that only a Leo can.

7. Dancing

Catch a Leo in the clubs dancing because she knows how to move.

Leos love to dance and that’s what makes a lot of them happy.

They have this energy that is so expressive and they love expressing themselves through dancing and singing.

8. Playing with children

Leos love having fun with kids because they have a sort of childish energy to them because of how creative they can be.


They love being in control and watching after children make them so happy.

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