13 Signs You're Experiencing A Vibrational Shift — & What It Means For Your Future

Discover 13 signs that indicate you are experiencing a shift to a higher vibrational energy.

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I began my day much like any other — meditation, coffee and exercise. On this particular day, I was traveling with family in an unfamiliar city. We decided to walk to a nearby breakfast place.

On our trot, I noticed the sun was extra bright and golden. Everything it touched looked a little more magical and alive. 

Thinking back, it was like I had my own little beam of sunshine acting as a lens to view the world.


Have you ever woken up and noticed that you feel different? You might be experiencing a shift to a higher vibration energy. 

Do you sometimes think the world has gone a little mad, but it doesn’t elicit any feeling of fear? 

Keep reading and discover 13 signs that indicate you are experiencing this shift. 

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My recent vibrational shift

On the day of illuminating sunshine that I mentioned above, I also noticed things slowed down. It was really easy for me to have clarity on my relationships and life in general. 


There was a definite shift in my perspective. I easily observed and pivoted away from any drama.

As a psychic, when I do readings, I observe from a higher understanding. I am shown images and have clarity in matters of the heart.

This realm is familiar to me. The difference was, that I was walking down the street, almost in an altered state of consciousness.

After a couple of hours of enjoying my golden world, I shared the experience with my family. Of course, they are used to me saying unusual things.

As I was describing my morning, they joked about me eating a gummy or being under the influence of something.

Was it an alternate reality that I dipped into? 


Was it an indicator that I’m having another shift into a higher consciousness?

We are all evolving and constantly changing. Some believe that this time on Earth is especially powerful. Many believe that everyone here signed up, before birth, to take part in the great human consciousness shift.

I believe that each of us, on a soul level, is remembering why we are here. 

Have you felt the shift?

We continue our spiritual awareness and growth regardless of who, or what we are.

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Top 13 signs you are experiencing an energetic shift

1. Your friend group looks different than before

Some people will leave, as you find yourself aligning with new people. Be patient with this. You may have a lot of self-discovery and healing before your higher vibrational friends show up.


2. You're feeling super inspired.

Newfound self-expression and creativity are other indicators of high vibrational alignment.

3. It's easy to walk away from drama.

It will become easier for you to see the big picture and walk away from drama.

4. Having meaningful, and truthful relationships become more important to you.

You're looking for quality, not quantity. 

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5. You will answer a call deep within that is seeking change. 

You will feel inspired to continue self-exploration and want a deeper understanding of the universe.

6. It will become easier to stay grounded.

You will find yourself centered in peace because there is less resistance in your life.


7. When you are in a higher vibration it is easy to stay positive.

You have faith in a plan for the highest good. You are not controlling the who, what, and why.

8. Your physical energy level often shifts at the beginning of energetic shifts. 

This means you may have days where you feel extra tired and even emotional.

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9. Your life will naturally become more balanced.  

You prioritize your wellness.

10. It becomes easier for you to move through fear. 

You easily connect to your unseen support team and ask for help and guidance.

11. You become accountable for your actions and choices. 

You recognize the value of lessons learned and your free will.


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12. Over time your vocabulary will change. 

You will find new words to describe yourself and your life. It will be like the lower vibrational words are removed from your personal vocabulary.

13. Experiencing messages and symbols from the universe is a very common sign that a shift is occurring.  

Seeing repeating numbers is often one of the first signs of a spiritual shift.


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What a higher energy shift means for you

The truth is we are all helping each other discover how to live on Earth in peace. I know we can easily slip into other realms of reality that are high vibration.

The more we access this high vibrational energy, the more our inner world shifts. 

Each of us will continue evolving into higher and higher realms until we reach a tipping point, where we no longer have access to fear.

Anchor yourself in high vibrational energy by communicating with your higher power, meditating, and praying

The more you make yourself aware of loving energy, the greater presence it will have in your life. It might sound like I am making this transformation simple. 


Truthfully it is uncomplicated. You only need to consciously choose your highest vibrational thought and action.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive life coach and writer. Visit her website to explore spiritual coaching, energy work, or psychic reading to discover your best life.