How To Cleanse & Charge Crystals To Make Them More Powerful

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The practice of crystal healing has been used for hundreds of years in order to solve body aches and pains and diffuse problems of blocked energy — both mentally and physically.

But after absorbing this negative energy from your body, mind and spirit, it's left trapped inside of your healing crystals, which is why it's important to cleanse and charge crystals properly if you want them to stay powerful.

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Each type of crystal resonates with specific color frequencies, tones, and rays of light, increasing or amplifying a particular energy vibration, and there are numerous different types of crystals to suit your needs.

For example, rose quartz resonates with pink or rose light, enhancing love, emotional healing, and seeing through the eyes of love. Lapis, on the other hand, resonates with deep blue light, encouraging truth and intercity while clearing channels of communication with others or the ethereal realm of spirit.

Aside from the unique properties each type has, crystals, gemstones, and minerals manifest in a variety of wondrous shapes and sizes — both natural and man-shaped.

Each shape has a different purpose:

  • Crystal balls, or spheres, can be used during meditation to bring the self back into alignment with the oneness of the cosmos and your inner-intuitive self.
  • Healing wands are human-shaped crystals that direct, with beam-like precision, vibrational energy.
  • Single points are naturally-shaped crystals with six sides. Each mineral, each crystal displays its own unique form.
  • Blades are very useful tools in releasing you from the past, cutting away negatively attached etheric or energy cords that drain your lifeforce essence.
  • Clusters are several crystal points, grouped together. These beauties have a "collective energy" that magnifies their natural energy.

Once you've discovered what types and shapes of crystals you need most, the next step is learning how to keep them cleansed and charged so they stay powerful.

Cleansing vs. Charging Crystals

Cleansing and charging crystals are different, but are almost always used interchangeably.

Cleansing crystals is the process of washing away the negative energy they may have absorbed, as well as removing any stale energy that is preventing positivity from coming through.

Charging crystals is the act of replacing the energy you have used from the crystals. This refreshes the crystals to help them keep up their powerful grounding properties.

Put simply, cleansing crystals is removing negative energy, while charging crystals is replacing the energy within them.

Think of it this way: Cleansing is going through your phone's contacts and deleting numbers you don't use, and charging is like plugging your phone in to refill the battery so you can continue to use it.

There are many benefits to cleansing and charging crystals, like reinvigorating your purpose and even soothing the mind, body, and soul.

There are several methods of cleansing and charging, though it is important to note that many methods can be used for both cleansing and charging — it all depends on the intention set when practicing with them.

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How To Cleanse Crystals

1. Rinse them with running water.

A simple way to cleanse your crystals is by rinsing them under running water. While you do this, remember to run your fingers over the gems as if you are "washing" them to remove any negative energy stored up.

Place each crystal under the running water for a complete minute; that's 60 seconds, with no cheating or rushing. The temperature of the water is of little consequence but many recommend cool water so as not to burn your hands.

Beforehand, make sure the crystals you want to rinse are able to be submerged in water.

2. Place them in sea salt.

Should you choose to cleanse your crystals or gemstones using sea salt, be advised that sea salt may remove more than just stored negative energy.

Just like certain stones cannot be put in water, others cannot be left in sea salt. Crystals ending in “ite” — for example, selenite, azurite, fluorite, and calcite — are not salt-safe. The sea salt may alter those crystals' subtle, inner vibrations, causing an unwanted frequency realignment.

Tumble stones are usually a safe bet for his method, so be sure your crystals can be submerged beforehand.

The method consists of taking a bowl to the sea, filling it with sea water, and submerging your crystals in the water for however long you feel is necessary. Many recommend leaving them overnight.

If you don't live near the sea, a teaspoon of either pink Himalayan or normal table salt will do.

3. Bury the crystals in the ground for 24-48 hours.

The Earth contains healing energy that can effectively regenerate crystals by recycling or transmuting negative energy, restoring your crystal's unique vibrational frequency. You can also place crystals with their points facing upward, toward the sky.

The recommended time frame to keep them buried is between one and two days, or 24-48 hours.

4. Burn sage.

Burning sage is a great way to restore your crystals to their natural state and clear all negative energy. You can elevate this ritual by listening to healing music while you sage each crystal individually.

This method is most effective during a Full Moon, so mark your calendars if you decide to try it out.

Pro tip: Remember to wash and pat the sage dry first!

5. Bury them in brown rice.

This method is great because it gives a safe, contained space to work in. You should use this to specifically cleanse protective stones such as tourmaline since they will get the most benefits from it; however, it can be used for any stone.

All you have to do is fill a bowl with dry uncooked rice and bury the crystal in it. Once you are finished, throw the rice out since it has now absorbed all the negative energy from the crystal.

6. Use the power of other crystals.

Place smaller crystals or stones on larger clusters of clear quartz or amethyst quartz for 24-48 hours, after first cleansing and charging the larger crystals.

Larger clear quartz or amethyst quartz clusters have the ability to cleanse and restore balance to smaller crystals and gemstones by absorbing negative energy.

You can also place large pieces of selenite or kyanite near your crystals, which will draw out the energies your crystals have absorbed.

How often should you cleanse crystals?

It all depends on how often you use the stones. The more often you use a stone, the more energy it will collect that you will eventually need to eradicate.

Experts recommend once per month as a good rule of thumb. However, if you feel as if you are being influenced by negative energy, you may want to cleanse your crystals more often.

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How To Charge Crystals

1. Build a crystal charging station.

These stations are often small places where people fill a container with crystal-charging elements. Then, they will place the crystals that need to be charged within them and visualize the charging process.

A popular version of this station is a glass terrarium packed with pink Himalayan salt. It is then placed on a window sill where both the sun and moon will hit it.

2. Place them under the light of a Full Moon or New Moon.

Placing crystals and gemstones in the moonlight, especially during a Full Moon, replaces all lower negative or dirty crystal energy with a soft, yet very powerful energy. This method is great for crystals you use for reflection and healing.

All you need to do is leave your crystals on a window sill or place them outside as they soak up the moon's energy, which has soft and feminine properties.

3. Use fire.

Using fire to charge a crystal is great for stones like bloodstone, boji stone, tiger's eye, agate, jasper, rutilated quartz, and mahogany obsidian, which contain a fire element association.

Simply pass crystals over and through incense smoke or the flame of a white candle to charge them. Be careful not to burn yourself.

4. Give the crystals a sound bath.

Sound can be a great way to heal and charge your crystals. This is because crystals can actually absorb the vibrations of the sound. Try playing very healing types of music, like crystal cleansing compilations you find online, or you can try your hand at healing bowls.

Healing bowls, also known as singing bowls, are unique instruments that have powerful harmonics when played correctly. Set the crystal in an arc by the bowl or speaker as you play so they absorb the energy.

5. Place them under the sun.

This method is for any stone, other than rose quartz and amethyst since the sun can fade their colors.

The sun is the polar opposite of the feminine moon and contains masculine energy. This is great for stones you use for active energy. You do the exact same thing you do for the moonlight method above, but place the stones on a window sill or outside so they can soak up the sun's rays.

Pro tip: For yin-yang balance, leave your crystals outside for a full 24 hours so they can absorb both feminine and masculine energy.

6. Rub them.

This method is great for a quick charge before using any stones.

Rub the crystal in the palm of your hand and visualize it restoring energy. This is a great way to charge your crystals because you are using your body heat; this will also help deepen your connection to the stone.

How often should you charge crystals?

Again, it really depends on how often you use your stones. You also need to be in a good mindset to do this.

Some recommend charging them once you have used them, while others believe once a month is fine. However, if you use a stone often, you may need to replenish its energy more often. Be sure to keep track of how and when you use your crystals to know when to charge them.

When you take care of your crystals, they are better able to help you clear your energy, protect you from negative energies and psychic attacks, and raise your inner vibration.

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Terrie Marie is a spiritual healer and angel intuitive specialist who helps people overcome subconscious bad behaviors and negative self-talk.