20 Signs You Were Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

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If you’re the type of person that others always come to for advice or a shoulder to lean on, you just might be a have healing abilities.

Spiritual healers have a unique gift of sending positive vibes by way of thoughts and energy. But healing is not something you learn. You either have it or you don’t.

What is a spiritual healer?

By definition, a spiritual healer is someone who uses healing energy to either heal or help people heal themselves from diseases that affect the body, soul, mind, or their spirit itself.

Illness of the body can be as simple as a headache or as complex and detrimental as cancer or life-threatening injuries. Spiritual healers possess a unique ability to cure people without medicine.

Disorders of the mind can include depression, anxiety, or any other abnormality categorized as a mental health issues. Many turn to spiritual healers instead of doctors for relief from their afflictions.

When it comes to diseases of the spirit or soul, these are typically evil spirits haunting individuals or misdeeds of their past following them. Healers fix this with rituals based on spiritual beliefs.

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What qualities do spiritual healers have?

Healers should be adept with certain qualities to do what their work requires.

First of all, healers need to have a calling, meaning they believe that spiritual healing is their purpose in life. Spiritual healers need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. They have to embrace uncertainty and the process of discovery.

Healers also need to be open to collaboration with other healers. They need to have compassion and a general love of humankind. They must believe that all people are worthy of happiness and healing.

Additionally, they should be wise and competent. They must know when to make life-saving decisions and be confident in their approach.



At the same time, spiritual healers should have a healthy detachment from the process. They must know they have done the work and trust in the outcome.

Spiritual healers must be honest and show integrity. They should always speak the truth, no matter the repercussions. On the contrary, healers should be able to use intuition to know when others are lying.

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20 Signs You Were Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

1. You're intuitive.

Do you understand what others are going through without them saying it? Does your intuition detect feelings and emotions that have not been expressed? You might be a spiritual healer.

2. You're confident in your abilities.

You know beyond all doubt that you are able to heal individuals or groups of people. You listen in a compassionate manner and seek understanding.

3. You’ve always been different.

Maybe other kids called you “weird” growing up. Perhaps people treated you as an outcast. But there was always a uniqueness about you that made you stand out from the crowd.

4. You’re super-sensitive. 

Have you gone through mood swings or periods of depression based on someone else’s pain? That’s because you’re an empath. You think and feel deeply and are perceptive to the emotions of others.

5. You've experience trauma in your life. 

Being a spiritual healer requires life experiences that test your faith and ability to get through life’s obstacles. Sickness, death, abuse, or your own mental illness have prepared you for healing.

6. You suffer from chronic illness.

If you are afflicted with pain in your body, specifically your trunk area, you could have a disorder in your solar plexus chakra. Chronic back pain and digestive issues can mean you are a spiritual healer.

7. You experience panic attacks and have struggled with anxiety.

If being in public brings on social anxiety and panic attacks, it is possible you are a healer. Spending extended time around large crowds and intaking everyone’s angst can be draining.

8. You pull people in.

People turn to you and are comfortable around you. They trust you with their deepest, darkest secrets and believe those intimate details of their lives are safe with you.

9. You pick up on energy.

You can detect the slightest change in the energy. People have internal reactions to their emotions, and you can pick up on those. Reading others is easy for you.

10. Kids and animals gravitate to you.

For some reason, animals and children gravitate to you and trust you. They sense that you are a good person and that they are safe around you.

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11. You enjoy nature.

You are attracted to the outdoors. Simple things, like the changing of leaves’ colors in Fall, brings you joy. Time outdoors is something vital to your spiritual health and mental sanity.

12. You forgive easily.

Spiritual healers are not the type of people who hold grudges. You forgive others, even when they haven’t asked for it. You let go of misdeeds and allow people to move forward without guilt.

13. You love to help people.

Some people help others because they want external awards like praise, recognition or money. Healers’ awards are intrinsic. They simply enjoy helping others.

14. You understand the big picture. 

Spiritual healers never get caught up in the small nuances of life. They have a wholistic view and realize that it is all about the purpose and the end result.

15. You're a peacekeeper.

A healer never wants to see adversity among other people. Just as healers look for peace and harmony in their own lives, they want the same for everyone.

16. You're not a 'black and white' thinker. 

If you are a spiritual healer, you will not see things in black and white. You are non-judgmental and believe there are many solutions to the problems people face and are open to new ones.

17. You’re not the only healer in your family.

Your family is full of people who have worked in the healing arts. These people can have worked in jobs like nursing, counseling, or psychology.

18. You attract people with problems. 

Those that need to be “fixed” seem to always end up around you. So much of your time is spent self-sacrificing, you can feel trapped.

19. You’re a good listener.

Active listening is your gift. You listen to understand first, then to respond. You receive information with compassion and warmth.

20. You’re drawn to healing professions. 

You’re either working as a healer or could see yourself working as a one. You have naturally been drawn to healing professions and feel passionate about being a part of healing others.

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