What It Means To Have A 'Soul Contract' — And How It Affects Your Life's Purpose

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Many of us here on earth are searching for our purpose as we go through life.

For those who believe in the soul contract theory, we all have a destiny that predetermines our lives. Before we are born, the universe creates a plan specific to each one of us.

As you look within, you can figure out who you are. It takes a lot of soul searching, understanding of what you are looking for, and learning how to connect with your soul guides to be able to reach your individual soul contract.

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What is a soul contract?

A soul contract is an agreement you make before birth, detailing your choices, life events and experiences, in an effort to have spiritual growth. While trying to understanding this spiritual contract, many have taken to TikTok to explain this agreement.

Taylor Johnston is a TikTok personality working on learning about soul contracts and sharing her knowledge.

According to Johnston, a soul contract is "an agreement that you make with your spirit guides before you reincarnate on Earth. It's the blueprint of your life. It outlines what you want to do while you are here, what you want to experience, and specifically, lessons that you will learn, want to learn, or feel the feelings that you want to feel."



Johnston explains this as the way higher powers "experience how your soul would react with free will if this was a situation or that was a situation."

In fact, Johnston says that many souls return to Earth more than once to experience things differently. She explains that from a scientific perspective, a soul contract is "energy frequencies that are embedded in your DNA."



"Your specific energy vibration of your soul contract is rooted in your birth name," she adds, revealing that the order of the letters in your name and the resulting sounds it makes have a huge influence on you.

Your soul can reach "enlightenment," which can eventually upgrade your DNA.

How does your soul contract affect your life purpose?

According to Johnston, a soul contract will "provide you your karma, your talent, and your goals."

"I like to describe a soul contract as kind of like a birth chart, but your birth chart breaks down your personality, whereas your soul chart breaks down your behaviors," she says.



Johnston offers personal contract interpretation through her TikTok, but it's clear how a soul contract can affect your purpose in life.

According to Johnston, a soul contract impacts how you might feel about certain situations, what situations might trigger you more than others, and what some of your strongpoints might be when working through your karma and your goals.

Through her interpretations, she can also determine what you might be good at, explains your soul destiny and the initial reason why you are here on Earth.

As Johnston says, "Your soul contract is set in stone, but you're not controlled by it."

How does your soul contract decide your karma?

According to Johnston, we shouldn't think of karma as a punishment. Instead, she describes karma as happening when "your free will gets in the way and you don't get to learn that lesson."



When your soul doesn't have the chance to do what it came to this life to do, it will reincarnate once again, and the new lesson will be the exact opposite of what the previous soul did.

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How do you read your soul contract?

In another TikTok video, Johnston explains that you can access your soul contract through the Akashic records, a common spirituality term that refers to a nonphysical library that "contains every thought, emotion, and experience that has ever happened to every soul that has ever existed."

Ashley Wood, host of the Manifest This podcast, told Goop that accessing your Akashic records can help you "find information from the time your soul was created, about your past lives, present situations, and future possibilities as well. It’s always revealed to you what you need to learn in that moment, at that time, to support you on your journey."



If you meditate deeply enough, you can access the records through your spirit guide. While it's not an easy process, anyone can do it. 

"You do not have to be psychic. The degree and amount of information you receive will vary based on your own personal and unique gifts, but everybody has this access," Wood explains.

"Some people are very detail-oriented, so maybe they receive more-complex information. Some people see through color, or they might experience messages through music or dance. But everyone has the ability to tap into their records and learn this."

What are the different types of soul contracts?

Forming a soul contract isn't limited to just one person; in fact, soul contracts are experienced with family members, friends, or in romantic relationships. There are three common types of soul contracts:

Karmic Contract

Karmic contracts are often formed with toxic people, whether it's a romantic partner, bad friend, or even a mean boss. These relationships are unstable and intense, and represents unresolved karma from a past life.

A karmic contract can be broken once the person has learned their karmic lesson and completely cuts out that toxic individual.

Soulmate Contract

After breaking a karmic contract, one can form a soulmate contract that is based on unconditional love. It's an instant connection based on helping one another learn and grow, and performing soul work.

While a soulmate contract doesn't necessarily last forever, its purpose is to help you discover a new version of yourself; that purpose is fulfilled once the lesson is learned.

Twin Flame Contract

A twin flame is the other half of your soul that was split in two, making a twin flame contract a rare and intense soul agreement. The purpose of a twin flame contract is to put both individuals on the correct life path, and to experience liberated love.

Even when a twin flame contract ends, what is left is intense peace, fulfillment, and healing.

Can you break a soul contract?

In most cases, breaking a soul contract occurs once its purpose is fulfilled. For example, a karmic contract is broken once the karmic lesson is learned and the individual distances themselves from the toxic person with whom the connection was formed.

One can also break a soul contract if they ask the universe to make an exception, promising to move forward, learn from mistakes, and become a better person through spiritual growth and healing.

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