Forget Makeup Sex! The #1 Day Of The Week To Get It On Is...

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So this may sound crazy, but having this kind of sex can actually save your relationship!

If you're ready for some seriously sexy times, you're going to want to hear us out. While the thought of having makeup sex after a huge fight is pretty appealing, the fact that the best sex that some of us have ever had almost always comes after a huge blow out may mean that something isn't right. After being together for so long, makeup sex can actually start to lose its appeal. With all of the daily tasks that we have to tend to on our plates, we're not always going to have time to light candles and make love, let alone for foreplay. That's where scheduling time for routine sex comes into play!

Hearing Dr. Suzanne Olds of After Nine Tonight talk about the perks of "Tuesday sex", which is basically having sex just for the sake of being close to our partners, totally confirms this. Even though the idea of scheduling sex after a long day at work and taking care of the kids doesn't sound like the most romantic plan,  we really feel that being intimate with our soulmate because we enjoy being together is enough to ensure that we have a health sex life. When it comes to love and intimacy, we're definitely not saying that it's easy to jump out of "mommy mode" and get in the mood. After watching all of those short and sweet romance films on After Nine Tonight, we couldn't be more convinced that scheduling sexy times really will do wonders for your relationship!