Monthly Pisces Love Horoscope

December 2020

With no big transits in Water signs, it might seem like a fairly uneventful month for you. But don’t be fooled by appearances, Pisces.

As you’ve learned, things aren’t always what they seem. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will likely represent the beginning of a brand-new chapter for you; the only thing you have to do is allow it. Show up for it and give it all you have.

Sometimes as a fish, you're all in until it actually comes time to go all in. But what you’ve learned in the last year, not only about appearances and trust, is that you hold the freedom to design your life as you see fit.

Being all in doesn’t mean leaving behind you or your dreams; it means making space for what comes next, and being opening to receive the happiness, the love and abundance you’ve been dreaming of.

December will test your adaptability and receiving energy to accept everything that you want and need. All of this is tied deeply to your own sense of worth, and while it’s never someone else’s job to make you feel a certain way, you’ve also received all the confirmation to know that the steps you’re taking now lead to forever.

Keep going, if even just one step at a time.

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