Monthly Pisces Love Horoscope

April 2024

Best Love Day: Monday, April 8, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries in your house of self-worth

Although the influx of Aries energy around the eclipse will certainly benefit your sense of financial abundance, it'll also help you truly feel worthy of receiving the love you have always craved. It's no surprise that you are a romantic at heart. Unlike other zodiac signs, you believe in great love stories with ease, but the problem arises when no relationship really matches up to what your dream love can be.

As much as you've needed to ground yourself and become more serious about love, something that you can thank Saturn in Pisces for, it's also important to never sacrifice what you truly know in your heart love is supposed to be. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries helps to bring you to the space where you will be able to receive the love that is meant for you because you have finally learned that it is what you are worth. This will be the beginning of a beautiful love affair in which you realize the love you craved always was possibly not with those who were undeserving of all you are.

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