Monthly Pisces Tarot Card Reading

February 2024

Past: Four of Swords, reversed

You took a long time to get over something that you might have found to be tragic or heartbreaking, and while you really didn't know when you'd ever 'come up for air,' you will take a long time trying to figure out how you'd reclaim your optimistic outlook on life.

Present: The Sun

The great thing about you, Pisces, is that while you may stay down for a long time when you get yourself back on your feet again, you are like the sun at midday; you shine, shine, shine. February 2024 has you completely remaking yourself as a happy person who has fully healed.

Future: The Tower

While this card rarely inspires joy, it shows you that Murphy's law is always in place, meaning if something can go wrong, it will. This is a warning but not a promise. It's placed here in your reading so that you take care to avoid the mistakes of the past. If you are smart, then you will move beyond all disasters.

Thoughts and keywords: lost in the past, memory of a better time, understanding that all is beautiful right now, taking advantage of what you can in a good way, carelessness that may lead to destruction, prevention of destruction.

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