Going The Distance: 5 Ways To Love Each Other From Afar


Distance does make the heart grow fonder, with a little help from you.

Figuring out how to make a long distance relationship work can often be tricky. For relationships to grow, at least typically, you need to spend time together. Being separated by miles, states or the Pacific Ocean isn't always conducive to that.

Still, even with a lot of space betwen the two of you, it's actually quite simple to make a long distance relationship work; learn and execute. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box — when you're miles apart, creativity can bridge the gap. So, next time you're wondering how to make a long distance relationship work, try one or all of the following:

Communicate every day; no matter what: Thanks to text messaging, cellphones and the internet, communication is very convenient. We don't have to track down a carrier pigeon and have them deliver handwritten letters like all our parents had to do. Because it is so convenient, there's no reason not to communicate every day. Ideally, this communication would involve hearing each other's voices or, even better, seeing each other through Face Time or Skype. Communication is the key to relationships. So, no matter the miles between you, stay connected.

Be flexible: Perhaps the biggest key to how to make a long distance relationship work involves flexibility. When you're far apart from each other, you must be willing to adapt. This is particularly true for people who are in different time zones. While being in the Mountain Time Zone versus the Pacific might not be a big deal, being in India versus Wyoming will. So, be willing to be flexible and understand that things do come up. To put it another way, don't take it personally when your set time to talk is moved around.

Visit each other: Some people can visit each other more than others (those who are within driving distance or have a million frequent flyer miles). But making a point to actually see other can make a huge difference in your relationship. Not only should you visit one another, but make that visit count — be affectionate, sexual and adventurous. And, when it's time for you to go, leave something with your scent behind. It makes parting a sweeter sorrow.

Do stuff together: Telling people to do stuff together when they are wondering how to make a long distance relationship work seems like a cruel answer. But, with some creativity, you can actually do quite a bit together. For example, start a movie at the same time, phone each other and keep the call open. Then spend the next couple of hours experiencing the movie together. You can also call one another and cook a meal together, take a walk together (albeit to different places) or go to the same restaurant, in different cities.

Set rules: Setting rules isn't always fun but it's necessary. One of the biggest risks of long distance relationships is the unknowing. You don't know what your significant other is doing most hours of the day. This is why setting rules is helpful. This isn't to say that you should request a daily, schedule emailed to your inbox at five each morning, but you need to have the "exclusivity talk." Are you dating someone else? Are they? Is this allowed? Sort all of these things out in the beginning, so you aren't tortured by them in the end.

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