Are You Bullying Your Hubby?

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You never argue with your husband,can you still be a bully on a different level?

So, you do not yell at your husband.

Have you ever heard of families where they never yell, they are fine and then they divorce. Turns out they were the most unhappy people and you would have never even picked it up.

Weird. Not. Yelling is just one way of expressing frustration and anger.

And really, we females, are trying to be more subtle in bullying tactics.

What are other ways?

 Snide remarks;

 Criticism;

 Nagging;

 Irritability;

 Sour face in a mild scenario and depression in severe cases.

For a man, all these are just a manifestation of his inability to make his wife happy. When he cannot make his wife happy, he avoids her, as it reminds him he is a loser. nobody wants to be a loser.

Can you be unhappy? Yes, you have all rights to be unhappy in some cases. And you have all rights to tell him that you are unhappy. Do you have to yell while doing that? No. do you have to have a sour puss mask for him to get the point? No. He will be just thinking that his wife is a sour puss.

What would the Ninja Wife do?

There are so many solutions to it!

One solution is positive reinforcement, come on, we use it very patiently with kids and dogs! Husbands are much more sophisticated and they will get the point faster than a puppy. That if they give us a lot of flowers, and we are happy, they will give us even more flowers. Goes with anything. Most of the time, it is one and only solution you need. If you master it, you should not need anything else.

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