20 Ways To Show Someone That You Love Them More Than Anyone Else

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20 Ways To Show Someone You TRULY Love Them

Show your partner you love them and are committed to making them feel cherished.

When it comes to love, it is often the small things that mean the most.

Below is a list of ways on how to show someone you love them and that they are the most important person to you:

1. Buy personal items they like.  

Have their favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. Know what kind of lotion or shaving cream they love. 

One of the things my husband did right from the start was buy the brands and items he knew I loved. It let me know he had taken the time to figure out what I liked and bought it to please me. To this day, he always comes home with new little drinks, snacks, or soaps for me to try. If I love them, he follows up with more.

2. Send a lovey-dovey text message. 

All the emojis now make sending a flirty, silly, or romantic text message even better. If you are not great with text messages, simply sending an "I love you" with a heart is perfect. 

3. Appreciate the small things and let them know you notice their efforts.

Words of gratitude are important and make the other person feel recognized. 

4. Doing something they enjoy because it makes them happy even if it is something you would never do. 

Show interest and try out new things. One of our closest friend’s Facebook posts makes us laugh because they love opposite spectrums of music. She is totally into country and pop music (think Taylor Swift and Beyoncé) while he is a hard rock and metal fan. 

I love seeing their pictures at different concerts. They are always decked out with whatever gear and they have a blast together even though only one actually likes the music depending on who is playing. 

5. Celebrate their accomplishments, even the small ones. 

Successful partners see themselves as a team. They build each other up and part of that is seeing the little things as worthy of celebration. Writing a card or going out to dinner may be a great way to let them know you are proud of them and what they have accomplished. 

6. Make space to listen to them. 

Unplug and just listen to what they have to say. This sounds easy but in our present digital world, this is becoming more and more difficult.

7. Say "I'm sorry" when you have hurt them, even if it was unintentional. 

The saying "Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?" is true in this case.   

Talk about what happened and value their feelings above your need to be right. Be sincere. If you are not sorry for the deed, simply tell them you are sorry that their feelings are hurt and comfort them with a hug or a back rub to help sooth while showing love.  

8. Work out together. 

Working out gives you extra endorphins, makes you feel and look better, gives you more self-confidence and the physiological arousal from exercise is similar to romantic attraction — think racing heart, shortness of breath, and sweaty palms. 

Lab studies have shown that couples feel more in love with their partner after jointly participating in physical activity

9. Help clean up. 

No one likes doing chores (or at least, no one I know). Help with tasks around the house and do a chore you know your loved one does not like. This will make them feel special and as an added benefit you both now have more time to spend together doing something fun. 

10. Share coffee or tea together in the morning. 

Not only do you get to pamper your loved one with a morning beverage but you also get to spend a few minutes together first thing in the morning. Both of your day starts off together with a simple shared joy. 

11. Buy them gifts.  

Buying or making something special lets the other person know you were thinking of them. It does not have to be expensive or lavish — it is the thought that counts. 

12. Serve them breakfast in bed to make them feel pampered and spoilt. 

If your breakfast making skills are questionable, their favorite cereal and juice or coffee with toast will make them feel loved as well. 

13. Suprise them with a post-it love note.

Writing a quick message for them to find later in their packed lunch, on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, or in their bag. This will bring a smile to their face.  

14. Show affection.

Holding hands, giving a back rub, hugging, and kissing are great ways to show affection. Even better, give them a massage.

15. Continue going on dates and having date nights. 

This can get more challenging with kids and sometimes both your schedules conflict. Hire a regular babysitter or find a friend in the neighborhood with kids to exchange (you take theirs on Friday and they take yours on Saturday). 

Take family or friends up on their offer for free babysitting (seriously,  they offered and you need the time to unwind and reconnect). 

Go out to dinner, see a new movie, watch a play, see a concert, take part in a poetry slam, go bowling, or roller skating.  Spend time just enjoying each other’s company. 

16. Always choose them.   

Let your partner know that they are your priority. Their needs are above others and you have their back. In front of others, always showing a united front even if it means pulling them aside later and talking about any disagreement.

17. Have a joint dream board. 

Sit down and talk about the future you both envision both individually and as a couple. Find pictures or cut out words that represent your goals and place it on a cork board. You now know what their goals are and are more aware of ways to help support each other. 

Put the dream board in a center location in your living space so both of you see it often and continue to jointly update it with more dreams and goals. 

18. Take part in joint experiences.

Doing things together make you feel more connected and doing a joint experience is just that. Go to the movies, visit an amusement park, go for a drive, see the zoo, and for those of you who are more adventure types, go skydiving. 

Look for joint things to do in your area.  

19. Go on vacation. 

Plan a weekend getaway to somewhere romantic or if that is too expensive, either doing a camping trip or simply unplug for the weekend and do a staycation at home. Think of fun things you could do that have minimal cost — go on a nature hike, find a picnic spot, give each other massages, or make s'mores. 

20. Initiate sex more often. 

Wear something you know your partner loves and start flirting. Let them know you love them and want to show them how desirable they are. Send them a naughty note that will cause them to think about you all day.  

Love needs to feel tangible, passionate and exciting and great sex accomplishes exactly this. 

Sonja Raciti, Psy.D. is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist who specializes in trauma, addiction, children and families. Marc Raciti, PA-C is the author of I Just Want To See Trees: A Journey Through PTSD. You can follow their blog at Healing Wounds.

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