7 Beyond Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts For Him (By A Guy's Guy)

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Wonder no more ...

Guys might pretend they don’t care about gifts, but they do. A present is a wonderful way to show your man how much you care about him with your willingness to spend time and money picking something he’ll love. Especially if he isn’t expecting it, the right Valentine’s day gift for him can really get the warm fuzzies going.

But … what should you get him? While lots of girls are easy to shop for, and will happily accept jewelry, flowers, books and chocolates, guys are a little harder. That doesn’t mean you can’t find the right Valentine's day gift for him; it just means you may need to do a little thinking before deciding what to get him.

Below I’ve listed several possible Valentine's day gifts for him. You might get just one, or you might combine several of them to really knock his socks off.

1. Something homemade

Homemade gifts are usually associated with children, who give them to parents or teachers and everyone has to “ooh” and “aah.” But don’t let this stereotype get you down; homemade gifts are a totally awesome way to show someone how much you care about them with the depth of your efforts! Think food, a scrapbook, or something to hang on the wall. If you and your guy have a fun inside joke, you might play to that with a quote or image that only has meaning to the two of you.

2. A cool but functional piece of clothing

Wallets, belts, shoes and jackets are all good for everyday, but also make great gifts. Ordinary items might get a bit of a “huh,” though, so consider going the extra mile. You can get wallets and belts personalized with engravings. It is possible to order special labels (maybe something with the date you started seeing one another, or your wedding anniversary) to sew it into jackets or jeans. Or you could get him the pair of shoes his favorite basketball player is always wearing. Something that looks good and reminds him of you is always a win-win.

3. Sexy lingerie

You’ll never go wrong with lingerie as a Valentine's day gift for your man. It’s fun, it’s flirty and it carries the unspoken message that he’s definitely going to get some. (All guys love that as I explain on my site.) When shopping, choose lingerie that shows off a part of your body you know he likes, and make sure you get an item that you’ll want to wear again and again, since he’ll definitely want to see you in it more than once!

4. Awesome tickets

One of the best Valentine's day gifts for him is tickets to a show or sporting event he doesn’t think he can afford or just wouldn’t buy for himself. You could take him to see his favorite team in the playoffs (or even just a regular game), buy him tickets to a concert with a band he loves, or take him to a music festival for the weekend.

If he’s more of the outdoorsy type, he might enjoy a guided mushroom hunting hike or a mountaineering trip. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits his personality and echoes the hobbies he already engages in. When you’re spending large amounts of money isn’t a good time to experiment, because if the gift misses the mark you’ll both be disappointed.

5. Something spicy that no one else can give

This is an especially good Valentine's day gift for your man if you’re low on cash. Guys love feeling taken care of, and that feeling often stems from getting to do the things they want, and from sexual favors. Why not combine the two, maybe by offering a favor while he watches his favorite sports team. (These tips will blow his mind.) The fact that no one else can give this to him makes it extra-special.

6. A journal

As far as a Valentine's day gift for him goes, this might be among the most touching ideas. You’re not getting a journal for him to write in, see, you’re giving him one that you’ve already written in. This idea takes quite a bit of foresight, but well done, it can become a very nice addition to his treasure chest or memory box.

You get a journal a year or six months ahead of time, then record your thoughts about your relationship, funny things you’ve said to each other, trip memories and more in the journal. By the time he gets it, it will be full of fun nostalgia for him to read. Of course, this type of thing doesn’t appeal to every guy, so make sure your man is the type to appreciate a little sentimentality before putting in all that work.

7. Project kits

If your dude is a hobbyist, this can be a great way to go. You can find kits for almost any type of project, from brewing 5-gallon jugs of beer to making ships in a bottle (yes, people still do it!). An extra-fun twist is to get him a kit that you will enjoy doing together, since then you’re giving him the gift and a date.

Steer Clear of V-Day Dealbreakers

There are, of course, a few ideas that just won’t cut the mustard. Remember that any gift you give your guy for Valentine’s Day is supposed to show him how much you love and care about him, so giving him something that he’ll consider thoughtless, embarrassing, a chore or otherwise unwelcome isn’t going to work so well. A few examples of gifts to steer clear from include:

  • Dinner with your parents: He doesn’t want to spend his special day with your folks, trust me.
  • Events he won’t find fun: Save going to see your favorite band for a time that isn’t celebrating him.
  • Coupons that you’ll be annoyed to have to fulfill later: Couples coupons are a popular gift, but if he’s just going to have to bug you to use ‘em then you might as well lose ‘em.

When choosing your gift, think about what your man likes to do. Paying attention to what makes him feel loved and cared for is your best bet when it comes to getting a gift. Although there are lots of ways you show your love, a gift is a classic way to do it, so don’t neglect to put thought into it. That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank; what this gift really calls for, for than money, is your time and effort. Do that and you’ll be fine.

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