10 Qs Your Husband REALLY Wants You To Say Yes To (Besides 'I Do!')

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10 commandments for doing your part in a relationship
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How many can YOU say yes to?

Husbands don’t come with a manual, and even if they did, wives often grow weary of giving more than they are receiving. Too often though, the wives feel regrets in their marriage if the relationship lacks passion and fulfillment.

Here is the way to do your part in your marriage and avoid any regret over the years.

Pretend that your husband asked you the following 10 questions:

  1. "I am the man who dated you, brought you away from the loneliness of single life, and married you, so will you please remain faithful to me?"
  2. "I belong to you, so will you please belong only to me?"
  3. "I am a jealous husband, so will you please not text, email, visit or phone other men?"
  4. "I have given you my last name, so will you please respect our family name?"
  5. "I would like time for you, so will you please talk to me daily and date me each week?"
  6. "I want to trade you: I will respect your parents, so will you please respect mine?"
  7. "I want to exchange love with you, so will you please not say unloving things that hurt me?"
  8. "I love making love with you, so will you please only make love with me?"
  9. "I will tell you the truth, so will you please speak the truth in love to me?"
  10. "I want you and want you to want me, so will you please be content with what I can provide?"

You probably remember when he asked you the most important question, "Will you marry me?" You said, "yes." So you probably also could imagine if he asked you these questions and again you said, "yes."

He might never ask, but that will be on him to one day regret. It will be on you to do what you can to prevent anything wrong from happening in your relationship. That’s what gives you the power to not only keep your vows but also your passion and fulfillment.

Ray Smith is an ordained minister and a mental health counselor. If you need help saying "yes" to questions that have not yet been asked and coaching to avoid regrets, contact him