10 Ways Having A Pet Is The BEST Thing You Can Do For Your Love Life

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Your Pet Is Benefitting Your Love Life

Everyone wants to find the one, but doing so isn’t as easy as the movies would have you believe. Finding someone who can make a commitment and love you unconditionally can seem unachievable. However, studies have shown that having a pet might help. If you’re struggling to find the love of your life, consider the following benefits of pet ownership.

1. Pets are a fantastic icebreaker

Some people have a very difficult time talking to someone new, let alone the opposite sex. All kinds of animals can serve as an icebreaker for conversation, which improves your overall socialization skills.

2. They help you get healthy and fit

When someone is in good physical shape and ideal health, we often consider them attractive. Aside from the fact that pets force you to exercise since they need to be walked, they can also help improve heart health. There are also several emotional benefits like reduced stress and decreased depression.

3. Boost Self-Esteem

Men and women alike want partners who are confident. When you have a pet that loves you unconditionally, enjoys your company, and reduces negative feelings, you automatically feel more confident.

4. Teach Commitment

You can’t have a pet without commitment. Those who have trouble committing are often scared of getting a pet because of the work required and the emotional attachment that occurs. Getting a pet can be a great first step in overcoming those fears and allowing you to move on to the next step: human commitment.  

5. Learn to Love

There are plenty of life lessons we can learn from animals, especially unconditional love. Pets teach that forgiveness, patience, and a good attitude are the keys to loving someone, which translates perfectly into a solid relationship.

6. Sense of Responsibility  

If you want to start a relationship and make it last, you must show that you can handle responsibilities. Taking care of someone can be one of the most grueling obligations out there. You’ll learn to do things like walk the pet, clean up messes, and feed the pet, even when you don’t want to - which is a great skill when it comes to navigating a successful relationship.

7. Calm You Down

How many times have you gone through the dating cycle in a panic, wondering if you did or said something wrong? Pets can help reduce the anxiety of dating, which will in turn result in a more confident, dateable you.

8. Provide a Standard of Who to Date

Pets can often serve as a standard when dating. The way you interact with your pet can often be similar to the way you interact with a human being. If you love that your dog is extremely cuddly, you know the person you date should value physical touch. If your dog is hyperactive and always overjoyed to see you, you know you’re looking for someone with a positive and bubbly personality.

9. Make You Look More Attractive

There’s something about a person with a pet that makes them more attractive. Even though you won’t change physically, (unless you lose weight through all that exercise you’re getting) you’ll seem more attractive and confident to pet lovers.  

10. Narrow the Dating Pool

Instead of going through a huge list of potentials, you can narrow it down to the ones that like pets, and leave out all the rest. You’ll be able to find “the one” a lot quicker this way, and feel better about your love life in general.