5 Types Of Gym Rats You MUST Avoid (Or Else It's Broken Heart City)

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Gym Guy
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So what if he lifts. He's BAD news.

Plenty of us have been at the gym and noticed ALL sorts of men that remind us of not-so-great types we’ve dated in the past.

Here’s our list of guys we see in the gym, but need to remind ourselves: Never. Again.

1. The hot trainer who only trains the HOTTEST girls.

Somehow he seems to only have attractive female clients that don’t look like they NEED any kind of training. You know ... the girls who don't sweat, have perfect makeup and hot bodies before they step foot on a treadmill. And he’s always willing to help stretch them out at the end of the session. 

Flashbacks of "I'm her trainer. We're just friends" come flooding back. You don't need that kind of competition in your life.

2. The flexing curl monkey.

This is the kind of guy you want to jump off the treadmill, slap his face and tell him that NOTHING looks different as he flexes his biceps and stares longingly at his own reflection. We understand his need for this kind of satisfaction, because we remember (from experience) how those steroids have made other places a lot ... smaller.

Either way, you'll remember that he's going to love and care for his biceps MUCH longer than he'll care for you.

3. The random guy who offers unsolicited advice.

He's the guy that makes you take out your headphones JUST so he can tell you to tuck your elbows in a little more, or remind you that you should squat a liiiiittle bit deeper. Thanks but NO thanks, buddy.

You fake a smile and remember the time you threw a red shirt in with your ex’s whites so he would finally SHUT UP and do his own damn laundry — since he knew how to do everything “better” anyway ... right?

4. The crazy punching bag guy.

So much aggression. So hot! Wait, STOP. Remember? He’s crazy! No one has that much built up angst. Look at him all alone in that corner, not worried about anyone else around him except his need to punch the CRAP out of something because of some mysterious (albeit, kinda hot) internal struggle.

He’s probably different than the last guy you dated that had — well — issues, right? Probably not.

5. The guy who makes sprinting for an hour straight look like it's NBD.

Really? Who can keep up with that pace? Better question: who actually enjoys running? You can’t start up that hell of an exercise again JUST to spend time with this guy. Being single is definitely better than running every day and trying to keep up with a guy who just can't sit and RELAX once in a while.

So next time you see that cutie and even *think* of approaching, turn up your headphones and think again. Plus, the gym is about the LAST place you need to be looking for love.

This article was originally published at Never Liked It Anyway. Reprinted with permission from the author.