3 Appalling Behaviors That Scare Men Off — INSTANTLY

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These 3 Habits Scares Him Away From A Relationship With You

Keep these in mind, ladies.

Are you guilty of this? Here are three naughty dating behaviors that kills a man’s original interest in you and keeps him from pursuing a relationship:

1. Your expectations are way too high.


You have a long list of must-haves and deal breakers that no man can measure up to. You automatically reject a man on superficial information: You snub him because he wears the wrong shirt, or his haircut or eyeglasses are out of date, or he is bit reserved and you discard him like the evening trash.

Naughty dating behavior, girlfriend! Your closed-minded, judgmental, and critical aura makes you to appear unfriendly and unapproachable, causing you to repel the desirable men you want to meet.

Solution: You don’t want a man to size you up in 20 minutes, do you? I’m not saying you should settle for Mr. So-So. I am saying get rid of your fantasy laundry list and give a man a chance to show you his best and more enduring qualities. You may discover that the perfect man for you is wrapped in a different package.  

2. You're dating him for money.


You look for a rich man to date because:

  • You’re looking for someone to take care of you because you’re emotionally immature and you need a man’s validation, or you need financial security because you’re monetarily unstable
  • Your main interest in a man is his bank account, expensive jewelry, clothes, automobile and property.

Vixen! You’re a naughty gold-digger! You marry for money, possessions and security. Years later, when you’re lonely and miserable, you blame your husband for your loveless relationship.  

Solution: Learn to be your own person. Quality men are attracted to women who are busy, independent and confident. Love your life, work on your career, be socially active, maintain strong relationships with your family and friends and have your own interests and hobbies.

3. You drunk-text him all the time.


You boyfriend dumps you because he’s non-committal or he wants to date other women. You miss him, you have a couple of happy hour drinks, you text him and you go to his place for a booty call — and when you don’t hear back from him, you feel disappointed and devalued.  

Naughty! Naughty! Naughty! You, dear girl, get a man who doesn’t respect you and a broken heart.

Solution: Don't try to convince yourself that you "didn't act stupid" when you drank too much, when truthfully, you did. Drinking lowers your sexual inhibitions and dilutes your resolve to cut a deadbeat man out of your life. If you can’t stay off your phone when imbibing, you don’t need to be drinking.

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