Why Fridays Are Ruining You Relationship And 5 Ways To Fix It


Lighten up on Fridays, will ya? You and your partner can have fun any day of the week.

Faithful Friday is so kind to us, no matter how we screw it up, or how awful we behave, it still comes back to greet us with a smile after a long week. Yet Friday is famous for setting us up for failure, so should Friday get an "F" in the relationships department?

Along time ago I realized that any day of the week is great to enjoy a good time, go to worship, or call a family member.  Still, Friday carries a heavy burden. Fridays are the days most people look forward to because they can change up their schedule, skip cooking, drink some wine, meet up with friends, and make-out with a brand new "Friday friend." However, once we are in a relationship, how do Fridays affect us?

Experience has taught me that the stress that builds up throughout the week tends to accumulate to such an extent that we see Friday as the light at the end of the tunnel that will cure all our ills. This is the reason why Friday gets an "F" in the relationship department.

If our intent is to build a foundation that will contribute to a long term, loving relationship, we must learn to de-stress ourselves throughout the week through small periods of quiet time with our partner, enjoying a brisk walk, or going to see a movie on a Wednesday evening. Maybe start a tradition of "no cooking Tuesdays," or anything else that will break-up the week, so Friday does not seem like the only thing we are looking forward to all week.

Why? Life has enough stressors for us to add one more by expecting our partner to be up and ready to party on Fridays. We should be realistic in our expectations of what a life together means. It's not that we give up our life when we are committed, but we must share in the daily grind, and understand that our partners will have Fridays when all they can do is come home and crash. Also, many of us work Saturdays. Professionals in the medical, public service, and retail fields all know that Friday means nothing with long shifts, rotating schedules, or graveyard hours. Therefore, the plan should be simpler, but not necessarily boring and blah.

If you want to ensure your relationship survives the "Fantastic Friday" daydreams, remember and practice the following:

1.) Have a quiet no cooking night midweek

2.) Choose to enjoy an activity together earlier in the week when both are feeling more energetic.

3.) Select ahead of time a night to go out and stay out late when both will be up to it.

4.) Surround yourself with friends that have daytime or afternoon activities you can share together, like kayaking, bowling, or hiking. 

5.) Remember to reassure your partner that Friday night with a bottle of wine and pizza watching a rented movie at home is still a great time to be close and intimate.