4 Ways Traveling The World Helps You Understand Love


As if you needed another reason to go on vacation.

  1. Travelling makes you more flexible, less stubborn, softens your edges and makes you a more rounded person. It teaches you resilience—the biggest lesson of love; to let go off your hardness which has been triggered by life's experiences, which you use as an armor to insulate yourself against the harshness of this world. Love demands you to be flexible, open, pliable, malleable and humble—and travel teaches you exactly that. Just as travel makes you unfold yourself to different experiences that come as an intrinsic part of it—new places, new cultures, new people, and new attitudes and perceptions, love makes you uncover the hidden and newer sides of you. Be brave to confront and embrace these parts of you that love will eventually unfold.
  2. Travel grounds you, and that's another lesson of love we can learn from it. It makes you realize that nothing can be taken for granted, not even ourselves. We are mere travelers in the journey of this life, and to make the best of it is to give it our best. Nothing is under our control; we may think it is, but it's a farce. Surrendering to the moment is what love and travel is all about. To live intensely in a particular place, with a particular person strips you of a lot of your own illusions and makes you see yourself in a different light. Love does the same. You undergo a complete transformation and begin to view yourself as new.
  3. Travel teaches us detachment; how not to get attached to the objects of our fancy—whether it's the comfort zone of our home, convenience of our car, joy of servants at our beck and call, etc. When we step out of our comfort zones, life truly begins and is understood. True love is not about possession but about being detached in a way. It's not about owning the person but sharing your soul with another soul and relishing the experience. It's letting go of any attachments which can adulterate it and kill its purity.
  4. The biggest love lesson to learn from travel is discernment. Love has a distinct odor and aroma which stands apart from any other aroma you have inhaled. And just as each destination that you travel to, holds a different meaning for you and never gives you the same feeling as the ones visited earlier, love does the same. It has many layers, shades, and colors, and each experience of being in love teaches us how to be in love and to become love eventually. Love is an acumen we develop and strengthen as we age and grow more mature, and travel teaches us exactly that—the acumen to love wholly and truly .

Love is a journey never a destination. And, as in travel, the journey is more enriching than arriving at the destination.