4 Unconventional Lifestyles That Prove Monogamy Is Dead, Dead, DEAD

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Monogamy Is Dead
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Monogamy is a dying breed.

Despite increasing rates of divorces and changes in lifestyle, some people still support monogamous relationships. Many types of affairs happen in the world around you. Some of you steal a glance, whereas others share them in the bedroom. All these situations compel you to think men and women aren't made for monogamous relationships.

In fact, monogamy is defined as a relationship between two dedicated partners in all respects — day-to-day routine, love, and sexual life. The solidarity of their relationship depends on how they think and work it out.

It's difficult to simply describe a love relationship, as everyone manages it in his or her own style. On one hand, one cares for his/her emotional stability and security, and on the other he/she desires for better odds in his/her sexual satisfaction.

Those who prefer emotional stability, along with happy and stress-free romance in their life, usually vote for a monogamous relationship. But if one wants to take risks to enjoy their sex life in a different manner, one may think that monogamy is doomed.

Such people want to enjoy adventurous relationships, and usually go for unconventional lifestyles — including polyamorous lifestyle and swingers lifestyle. But, what are the differences?

1. Polyamorous lifestyle: This type of unconventional love and sex relationship is based on the idea that you can have multiple committed, as well as romantic, relationships at the same time. Polyamory is wildly popular among sex-enthused people in such a manner that monogamy sometimes becomes a funny concept for them. Though polyamory can be taken as a valid lifestyle, it can't be considered a relationship model.

2. Swingers lifestyle: Some people confuse it with polyamory, but it's altogether different. In a swingers lifestyle, committed couples get into casual sex relationships with a third person without any involvement of emotions. They may cheat with their committed partner in this lifestyle as they may mess around randomly.

Some other unconventional relationships preferred by the people fed up in their monogamous relationship (but aren't yet ready for polyamory or swingers lifestyle) include non-reciprocated polyamory and casual monogamy.

3. Non-reciprocated polyamory: This type of unconventional sexual relationship can be developed with someone you never expected to be in relationship with, like the person below your standards, the person in formal contact with you, people already in monogamous relationships, the girl you see on the train every morning, and so on. These people give you a chance to enjoy the love of your life.

4. Casual monogamy: This relationship can bring you lots of fun, as it's established with the person who knows the ins and outs of your sexual life. Being in a monogamous relationship creates odd situations for you, even if you're taking precautions. It's no less than polyamory if you have established such relationships with a number of individuals.

Thus, monogamy is doomed for those interested in unlimited sexual freedom, whether in polyamory or swingers lifestyle.