7 Proven Ways To Help Make Your Relationship Work (Even When You're Having Problems)

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how to fix broken relationship

Put your relationship issues to rest.

Relationship problems are very common today. This explains why approximately 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce in America. Dating has also become very complex with changing cultures and social roles, which can lead to issues in your relationship.

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Before you decide to call it quits, try these 7 smart ways to help save your relationship first:

1. Put yourself first.

As contrary as this tip sounds, it has been proven to be the key to a happy union. You won't be able to maintain a relationship if you don’t take time to better yourself as a person.

That's why you should concentrate on developing your own interests first before you consider getting into a relationship. This will give you more to contribute and teach the other person. And, according to many relationship experts, putting yourself first helps you add value to the relationship, which is important in creating a strong bond.

2. Safeguard your relationship’s privacy.

All relationships are marred with problems; however, those problems don’t matter as much as how you handle them — and one of the best ways of handling relationship problems is keeping things private.

For instance, fights shouldn’t be taken online on social media or discussed with friends and family. Such actions complicate relationships further instead of making reconciliation easier.

3. Avoid toxic friends.

In most cases, safeguarding your relationship’s privacy won’t work if you have toxic friends i.e. friends with different opinions about relationships, couple-friends who are always fighting, etc. You should avoid such friends like plague since they are bound to do you more harm than good. You are better off finding new friends or sticking with those that share the same relationship values as you.

4. Create exclusive time for your partner.

Today’s fast-paced world leaves couples with very little time to spend together. It is therefore important to find quality time to spend with your partner on a daily basis, however little.

This calls for simple things, like unplugging completely after work. In fact, you should avoid doing office work at home at all costs, since it is a proven way of increasing stress in relationships. You must create time to unwind with your partner to keep communication channels open at all times.

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5. Outsource housework.

Cleaning is inevitable in any household. However, it shouldn't be done exclusively by couples because it has proven to be a major time waster in relationships (especially marriages).

Women do most of the household chores in many marriages, which can cause an imbalance in her free time. These chores definitely eat into the quality time couples are supposed to have on a daily basis. The chores can also be a source of stress when they are done exclusively by one party which is usually the case. It is therefore advisable to outsource housework to avoid putting stress on your relationship.

6. Get a prenup.

A prenuptial agreement has also been proven to be an effective way of avoiding relationship problems. According to many relationship experts, prenups offer the much-needed protection in case of a divorce. Considering the fact that divorce is very common today, you need a prenup to eliminate all the worries you might have in case your relationship doesn't work.

Such worries are capable of eroding trust in your relationship which will then attract many other problems. It is also important to note that prenups ensure that people get into marriages for the right reasons since your spouse doesn't stand to gain anything in the event of a divorce. In case you don't have a prenup and you are married, you can always get a postnup (a postmarital version of a prenup).

7. Have a money summit.

Money is a very important subject in relationships. According to many relationship experts, couples must be on the same page when it comes to finances i.e. how to spend money, who pays for what, how to save, how to resolve financial problems, who has what, etc. or risk breakups. It therefore important to create time to discuss money on a monthly basis since disagreeing on how to manage it will cause serious problems.

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