We Went To Ravella And It's One Of The Best Romantic Getaways

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Looking for a romantic getaway this Valentines Day? Try Las Vegas for a romantic getaway.

Usually, people visit Las Vegas for fun, non-stop partying and wild adventures. However, in the past few years, Las Vegas has been popular for its romantic getaways.

When we talk about Las Vegas romance is a subject we can not miss to talk about. In Las Vegas, there are many romantic destinations away from the busy city life. In this article, we will talk about one such destination. This Valentine's day take your sweetheart to Las Vegas and endulge in the pampering between the two of you.

Ravella at Lake Las Vegas is a place where you can take your partner and rejuvenate your relationship. It is only 17 miles from the Las Vegas strip. However, you feel as if you are in a completely different place. For a long time, Ravella has been able to attract many thrill seekers, celebrities and even married couples who seek a peaceful retreat from the busy city life. The best part is that you are not completely cut-off from the bright lights of the city. Ravella provides a magical experience with boating under the clear desert sky, sipping drinks next to a lagoon and of course, a stay in one of the best rooms in Nevada.

The adjacent village has a Mediterranean architecture. With fine dining, upscale shops and championship golf, it feels like you are in a different era. A day with your partner at the spa can not only make your body feel fresh, but also bring your relationship to life. Once you're done with a refreshing experience, you can enjoy a fine dinner with your partner. You have different options to choose an ambiance to enjoy your time. Casual meals on the terrace, besides landscaped gardens and alongside the pool can let you have one of the best times with your partner.

At Ravella, guests can relax themselves with Golf. One thing worth mentioning is that the South shore course was actually designed by Jack Nicklaus. Lake Las Vegas is the largest privately-owned lake in the United States of America. In Las Vegas romance can not be better than spending time with your partner at this lake under the clear blue desert sky. If you are looking to spend some alone time with your partner, you don't have to stay confined to your room. There are many jogging and hiking trails in this region where you can spend time with your partner while exploring new areas. If you are health-conscious, there is no reason to miss out on a workout regime. The 30,000 square foot spa and fitness center will keep you and your partner fresh during your stay.

Ravella offers 349 luxury suites and guestrooms. All the rooms come with luxurious and oversized bathrooms which make you feel like an emperor. The lower level of the hotel has The Medici Cafe and Terrace. This level offers fine dining with your partner, besides a view of the Florentine Garden and Lake Las Vegas.

The Firenze Lobby Lounge is transformed into something different every few hours. In the morning, it offers a delicious breakfast, with light lunches and romantic dinners in the later part of the day. While spending some quality time with your partner, Firenze gives you a chance to switch on a laptop, read, chat or enjoy spectacular views from huge glass windows. This resort lets you and your partner spend quality time as it neither has a shopping mall nor a casino inside the hotel. Therefore, you can focus all your attention on each other.

As mentioned earlier, the village adjacent to Ravella has also been quite popular. The MonteLago village is the best place to be if you want some extra fun. It offers restaurants, street shops, pubs, chocolatier, home decor boutique, gelatos, gourmet coffees and cigar shops. The cobblestone streets and colorful marble architecture make this place a must visit tourist spot. Casino MonteLago can also be a great choice if you want to try your hand at some casino games with your lady luck. The casino has a relaxed ambiance complementing the intimate experience associated with Ravella.

Ravella offers many different options for all those couple who want to rejuvenate their relationship by having a Las Vegas romance experience. The Florentine garden, Tuscan courtyard, a private lake are only some options for couples. In simple words, Ravella at Lake Las Vegas is the best and ideal place for a romantic Italian getaway.