Business & Love Lessons From The Snake

Life Coach: Business & Love Lessons From The Snake
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Don't be scared to shed your skin. Be versatile and slither through life.

What has the Snake taught you about business and love? I'm not talking about just any snake. I'm talking about 2013 and the Year of the SnakeThis special Snake is nature's guide. Let the Snake take you through the final few days of 2013 with flexibility and flow — with slithering possibility.

Lesson #1 – Be Fearless
The snake is a magical, mythological being. Are you afraid of snakes? Welcome your fear! Embrace it! This is the first lesson of the Snake: who would you be without fear?

How can you overcome your fear in business? When we feel fear, it means we are living in the future. We want to be in the present, grounded and focused. The Snake is a fully grounded creature, fully in the present. Let the Snake inspire you to be grounded, to be in the present, to trust yourself.

How can you overcome your fear in love? Again, follow the example of the Snake. Learn to glide through life with flexibility and flow. Admit it! When you think of the Snake, you think of sliding without effort. So ask yourself: As the Year of the Snake draws to a close, how can I add flow to my love life? 

Lesson #2 – Be Whole
Snakes and serpents have long represented both sides — good and evil, life and death, creation and destruction. The Snake knows its light side and its dark side. Just imagine who you could be and what you could do if you embraced your wholeness unconditionally!

In business, most people want to hide some part of themselves. They only want to show that part of themselves that they think is acceptable. Human beings are multifaceted, and our wholeness will only shine when we are willing to take it all on. So accept yourself. Be transparent and stop filtering who you are. Chances are that the qualities you've been hiding are your best.

In love, too, the Snake teaches us to accept ourselves and be daring. Remember, the Snake represents all sides. Live your love life to the fullest. Let those parts of yourself that don't serve you anymore die away. Self-judgment? Let it go. Not trusting yourself? Time to let that die too. Self-doubt? You get the drift. Let the Snake inspire you to create a new blueprint for your love live and destroy the one that doesn’t work anymore. Now, isn't that liberating?

Lesson #3 – Be Open to Change
I always reach out to mythology, because there is nothing like the wisdom of the ancients.

To the Greeks and Egyptians, the snake represented eternity. Ouroboros, the Greek symbol of eternity, is a snake curled into a circle, biting its own tail, eating itself, and being reborn in an endless cycle of destruction and creation. As a snake grows, it sheds its skin to reveal a shiny new skin underneath. It is for this reason that the snake has become a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

In business, if we don't embrace transformation, we succumb. New trends demand of us a rebirth every couple of years. We have to embrace who we are in business and what we have created, and then we must eat our creation and come up with a new one. Branding is all about identifying our values and marketing those values to serve our clients. Clients' values and needs change. That's why we have to rebrand and transform, though always based on the foundation of who we are.

In love, it's pretty much the same. To keep our love life fresh, we have to continuously update ourselves, while remaining in touch with our authentic self. With every love that ends, we must allow death to happen to that part of us that wants to be reborn — we must embrace new beginnings. The circle of life is vital in love. So often we stagnate in the past. It would serve us better to embrace the death of past relationships and move forward to new possibilities.

As 2013 comes to an end, be sure to take advantage of the lessons of the Snake before the Year of the Horse gallops in. What does the Snake want to teach us? Ask yourself:

1. What is it time for me to shed?
2. What qualities do I want in my rebirth?
3. What parts of me do I want to slither away and die so that I can emerge shiny and new?

Expand your business. Expand your love life. Expand yourself. Be fearless and shed those parts of yourself that get in the way of your success in business and love. Let the Snake inspire you, and don't be afraid. Slither away. Coil up in the present. Shed the old.

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