5 Surprising Differences Between Men And Women


The "Battle Of The Sexes" continues.

Much of the dating advice for women involves understanding how to make a man happy and how to keep him that way. Relationship columns may talk about how to satisfy a man sexually or let him know that he's needed. Some may point out how to meet a man or how to get along with his friends. This is a dating advice for women that they can indeed use. But it's not the only useful advice.

Perhaps the most important dating advice for women is the advice that takes into consideration the innate differences the genders possess. When it comes to the battle of the sexes, it’s a perpetual war for a reason. Men being from Mars and women coming from Venus are, of course, not the only differences. The gender views on sex, traditional roles, family and communication may also vary.

Still, dating advice for women doesn't have to be an endless lecture regarding our inevitable differences, the theme song from Different Strokes blaring in the background. Learning about our differences can actually be fun or, at the very least, interesting. So, for females scouring the internet for dating advice, look no further than the tidbits below.

  1. It takes men 15 minutes: A first date and men taking "15 minutes" may seem like an impressive feat, but we aren't actually talking about that (sorry ladies). Rather, we are referring to how long it takes men to decide whether or not he wants to see his date again. For men, 15 minutes is all they need. Women, on the other hand, aren't so quick to decide; it takes them around an hour.
  2. Women are a lot more chatty: When the two genders are compared to one another, women are painted as the gender that is much more chatty. And, this is for a reason; on average, women say over 7,000 words a day while men only say around 2,000. So what are men doing in lieu of talking? Thinking about sex, of course! According to one study, men think about sex 34 times a day. Women only think about it around 19 times a day.
  3. Men and women have different online fears: When it comes to online dating, both men and women exhibit a fear of the type of people they might meet. But these fears are about as dissimilar as they can be. Women say that their biggest fear is meeting a serial killer; men say their biggest fear is meeting someone who is fat. This basically proves that some stereotypes can be true: women are paranoid and men are shallow.
  4. Men have non-types: Just as men have types of women they want to form a relationship with, they also have non-types they want nothing to do with. This is an important piece of dating advice for women: if you are one of their "non-types," you might want to change your ways. So what are the non-types they stray away from? They are women who tend to fall into one of five categories: those who flirt with everyone and anyone, those who talk about marriage too soon or too much, those who haven't yet parted with their party-girl ways, those who are too clingy, and those who have a love for all things drama. Women have non-types as well, though theirs are different and include men who wear too much cologne, men who are inattentive, men who are overtly sexual, men who are negative, and men who refuse or are afraid to commit.
  5. Let's talk about sex: It's not exactly stop the presses, breaking news to say that men and women view sex differently. They not only view it differently, but they also have it with a different number of people. On average, women have four sexual partners in their lifetime while men have seven. Men also have orgasms much more often during sex. This, quite frankly, helps explain their higher number of partners.

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