Love Your NOW And Feel Connect With Your FUTURE

Feel connected

Happiness in the "Now" of your love life and sexuality is not enough. Have a vision to succeed.

Earlier today I signed up for an abundance webinar at mindvalley.com .

I have actually been a bit annoyed with their team, because I applied to become an author with them and they declined.

However, I must admit that I LOVE their company. I love their products. I love their tone of voice. I love their mindset.

Since I signed up for the class, I have obviously been spammed withrelevant, I acknowledgeemails.

In one of them there was a link to a 50 minute talk (are you serious??) with the founder of mindvalley.com, Vishen Lakhiani.

For some reason I decided to spend 50 minutes of my time to actually watch the entire video with him. And now, I am happy that I did.

One of the more important take-aways for me is this:

If you want to succeed, you must be in flow.
In Vishens definition flow is, when you are in a balance of being happy in the now and have clear visions of the future at the same time.

”If we do not have visions, then we stop growing as people.”

Vishen, of course, spoke of entrepreneurial endeavours, companies and careers.

But I could not stop thinking of that factor, which is at the center of human existence:

Love and sexuality.

It suddenly became clear to me, that exactly the same principles could be applied to that private room of our lives.

I started questioning myself:

Are you happy in the ”now” of your love life and with your sexuality?

Do you have a vision with your love life and your sexuality?

Wow. If you do not have visions about the future, you stop growing.

Do I want to stop growing in my love life and sexuality? I ask myself. No!

Do you??

So here is my take on the question.

In many ways I am happy in the now of my love life and sexuality. I deliberately say sexuality and not sex life, since they are two very different aspects of life. The WHO has a wonderful definition of sexuality, check it out; www.who.int. The short version is that sex is the act (or gender) and sexuality is the life area.

At a dinner in an awesome tapas bar in Copenhagen (Cava Bar – go there if you ever come to this city!) my celebrity actress friend questioned my happiness . How can you be happy as a 40+ year old woman having lovers instead of one fixed partner.

I told her that love is not just something I see growing within an exclusive love relationship to one partner.

Love is something I am privileged enough to have all over in all relationships of my life.

I live an abundant love-life with everybody!

For decades I have focused on learning the art of authentic connection. Of being really true to myselfincluding being open about my vulnerability and insecurities. It has been my life mission for a lifetime to build the courage to be honest with everything inside of me so that I could connect to other people with complete sincerity.

What I have learned is that by connecting honestly and authentically to myself, the quality of my relationships has exploded.

I feel connected to not only my lovers, not only my family or dearest friendsbut even to strangers on the street. The people who sell me food at the store or cut my hair at the hairdressers. Even to animals. And the latter is really new to me.

The massive sensation of love all over makes me profoundly happy in the now of my love life and fills me with gratitude.

Does that apply to my sexuality as well? As a passionate erogista; a person dedicated to spread the word of how important it is to connect sex, heart and mind. Sexuality is an area of life that I have always given a lot of priority.

I am even said to have a sixth sense about other people's sexual preferences. One thing is certain and that is, that when we let sexuality live in a shameful place of our lives, when we close that energy down, we are blocking the free flow of energy in the body and psychologically we come forth as non-authentic.

Sexuality is not just horninesserogy in particular is all about connecting love and raising consciousness to that immense life force.

Even though I have periods of stress, where my sexuality seems less important, I always remind myself of doing just one little thing to keep that erogic flame alive. It can be taking a warm bath and awakening my senses. It can be holding a dear friends hand. It can be going to the grocery store and smelling the fresh herbs. Sounds geeky I knowbut it is all part of sensuality to me. 

So yes, I am happy in the now. And profoundly grateful for that.

What about you? Are you living in the now with your love life and sexuality? If not, what steps can you take that will bring you to your now?

If you do not have visions about the future, you stop growing, Vishen says.

Do you have a vision with your love life and your sexuality?

That question I will explore more profoundly the next couple of days or weeks.

I’ll have to work on it a bit! ... Mostly because I have had visions of love lifebut I must be honest and say that I have actually never thought of having (big) visions of sexuality. In my line of work nothing seems more weird, than discovering that truth!

I'll keep you posted, when something shareable clarifies sufficiently!

In the mean time I would sincerely LOVE to hear from you if you have a vision with your love life and sexuality!

Feel free to comment here, on Facebook or send me a PM.