There Are Always Two Sides To A Conversation

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See why the same conversation plays out differently between men and women.

From LoveInsight.com blogger Diana P.

Talking to men can be hard. Communicating during conflict is already difficult, but even every day conversation can be excruciatingly painful too. Have you ever had a conversation with your guy that went something like this:

She: Did you have a nice lunch with Joe today?

He: Yes.

She: What’s new with him?

He: Oh, same ‘ole, same ‘ole.

She: How is Lisa (Joe’s wife)?

He: She’s pregnant.

She: OH! That is fantastic! How far along is she?

He: I’m not sure. Three months?

She: When is her due date?

He: I don’t know.

She: Is it a boy or a girl?

He: I didn’t ask.

She: How is she feeling? Does she have morning sickness?

He: I don’t know.

She: >.<

I've had conversations like this many times. I've also had conversations that went something this:

She: I had lunch with Lisa today, and guess what? She’s pregnant! She’s about four months along and she’s going to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see if it’s a boy or a girl; she’s hoping for a girl, but Joe is totally hoping for a boy. Her due date is in January. She was really, really sick the first three months. She didn’t gain any weight; in fact, she lost weight, but she is feeling so much better now. They’re both really excited . . . ummm . . . are you even listening to me?

He (looks up from the tv): Oh, what? What were you saying?

She: >.<

So what is it? What is it about men that makes them pay very little attention to details? Is it the topic? Is he really not that interested? Does he not care about his friend? Or is he thinking that if Joe really wanted to tell him, he'd tell him those details? On the flip side, why is it that women go into so much detail? Is it because we just love to talk? Are we just nosey?

The answer is pretty simple — men and women are just wired differently. Women, according to Dr. Martin Johnson, psychologist and co-founder of Love Insight, are naturally empathetic, so we naturally ask questions to learn details of our friends and family. Keep reading...

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