5 Things About Women And Dating That TERRIFY Guys (Seriously!)

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Scared Guys

Yes, men get nervous too!

Believe it or not, men also worry about dating. Like you, they want to pick a partner who appreciates, supports, and accepts them as they are.

Here are some of their BIGGEST concerns when it comes to dating someone new:

1. They're worried that they won't satisfy you in bed.

He might seem strong, good-looking, and confident while dating, but I can ASSURE you men are also nervous about whether their performance in bed with you is up to the mark. First time sex can be awkward, so make sure to be easy on him for the first time or two. He's making an extra effort to impress you.

2. They really don't want to be rejected.

Men are fearful of approaching attractive women. “What if she says no or I look stupid trying to make good impression with her?” This is especially so with a woman who seems cold and not so easy to talk too. It is hard enough having the courage to walk over there and have a conversation, let alone hope it goes well and she likes you too.

Being open, inviting, and approachable will greatly increase your chances of being asked out. Remember — good-looking men have the same hurts and pains as you do. So give the guy a break!

3. They fear they aren't "MANLY" enough.

Men WANT to be the man in the relationship. He wants to be respected as the man, he likes to see his efforts are appreciated and acknowledged. He wants to feel like the king of his castle.

So the next time he wants to go the extra effort for you, step back and allow him to be your prince charming. Don’t ever say "I can do it myself." Of course you can, but isn't it nice to let him do it for you once in a while?

4. They are worried they won't fully comprehend your womanly signals.

Not every guy has read the rule book and not every guy knows how to read when a woman is showing interest in him. So when you like him, and pretend you don’t, you leave the guy SUPER confused.

Despite popular advice, if you like him, let it be known. It’s what you do with the information you receive back determines out the outcome. Letting a guy know in a confident, self-assured way you are interested is a turn on.

It's hard to guess hot and cold.

5. And yes, they are worried about ending up with a total psycho.

Maybe the biggest fear of all is ending up with the woman from hell. These are the women who throw your clothes out the window, play mind games, and smash your headlights. Drama, manipulation, games and you become the woman from his nightmares.

When you feel confident and self-assured without drama, games and manipulation won’t be necessary for you. That behavior will get you the toxic guy but never the quality man.

Both men and women have fears so the next time you are out dating and thinking you are not good enough, remember he is also playing out his OWN fears.

Lorna is a dating coach who helps savvy, smart and successful women who are single find love by showing you how to master the dating phase. Check out her Free Ebook How A Man Chooses His Girlfriend here.