Finding Your Soulmate: Character Over Looks


Tall, dark, and handsome or Centerfold Material?

Common belief dictates that finding your soulmate is only possible if you're the "tall, dark and handsome" type of guy. While this certainly helps the girls out in the "eye candy" department, it doesn't really make the cut when it comes to women finding a soulmate to spend their lives with.

If that paragraph was a shocking revelation to you, then read on and see where you can score over the Greek Gods of dating-dom!


If a nerdy computer whiz can be the fantasy dream of thousands of women—well, he is—then it's got to be intensity and passion about something—anything. Being passionate and intense about your hobby or a sport or any other pursuit is a major turn on for women. When they see passion in you for whatever it is that you're passionate about, they'll know that you're not just made of flesh and bones. Don't worry what it is you are passionate about, even if it's the importance of fungi to a forest ecosystem! Passion translates well into any language.

Positive Outlook

This isn't about being in denial about a bad situation, but the ability to see the silver lining in every dark cloud. Whether you can laugh off your tortured, abusive childhood or take a flat tire on a rainy night in your stride, then you are desirable to women.

Good Listening Skills

Women who love to talk love to talk to guys who love to listen! It's that simple. Be a good listener and you'll have women telling their friends about how good a conversationalist you are – even if all you did was just enthusiastically nod at all the right places. But don't use this as a ruse—be a genuinely interested person. If you are interested, then you will be interesting.

Be Human; Be Humorous; Be Hygienic

Not three things you would associate together automatically, are they? Surprisingly, they're a lot more interconnected than most people would guess. If you’re human, you let your emotions show; if you let your emotions and feelings show, you can let your natural humor shine through; if your humor shines through, you will have women coming closer to you physically; if you have women coming close to you, you will need to have good personal hygiene! It's simple and logical. If you have body odor or bad breath, everything you strive for might go down the tubes. It all starts will self-esteem: do you love yourself enough to take care of yourself? If you do, then chances are that the question "How can I find love?" will answer itself.

In summary (but don't let this overwhelm you in any way), if you are an intense person who is passionate about something, always looks at the bright side, listens like a counselor, is vulnerable, funny and brushes and showers every day, then you, my friend, are an A One prospect for any lovely lady serious about finding a soulmate.

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