You Can't Divorce-Proof Your Marriage But These 4 Things Really Help

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You Can't Divorce-Proof Your Marriage But These 4 Things REALLY Help

Marriage is a long journey. Better to be prepared.

At first, you look forward to seeing one another. But over time the newness and the excitement wear away. You get used to one another and it may start to seem routine.

Over time, couples can get lost during this phase. Life gets busy, you have work, children and a home to take care of. So, what happens to the happy marriage? It gets lower and lower on the list.

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This is when you want to start to make your marriage and your relationship a priority again. Here are four tips to help you avoid divorce and get back to having a happy marriage full of love:

1. Openly communicate with each other.

This is essential to a thriving marriage. Make it a point to keep your partner up-to-date as to what is happening in your life. Make sure to tell your partner one important thing about your day before you depart in the morning.

When couples don't communicate, they start to lose touch with one another. Your partner may start to fell left out and think you are keeping secrets.

2. Have regular date nights.

Dating shouldn't stop when you get married. This is what brought you together in the first place. Take time out of your busy lives to get dressed up and go out on a date. Take the time to plan it, like you did when you first met.

Romance keeps marriages alive, so this is what you should strive for in your relationship. Date night should happen once a week and you should have some light hearted fun and conversation.

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3. Establish trust.

Trust is the foundation of your marriage. There should never be a reason to keep secrets from your partner. If you are having financial problems, then keep your partner in the loop. Let your partner know how the kids are doing in school. Let your partner know about outside stresses.

Always keep your partner in the loop about your relationship and your life. Be open and honest in your relationship. Broken trust is not easy to fix. Be transparent with others about your relationship. When there is trust in the marriage, the union thrives.

4. Show mutual respect and admiration.

Each person in the relationship should consider their partner's feelings and what is on their mind. It is perfectly normal to have moments of misunderstanding in the relationship, but this shouldn't be the norm.

When you are in a relationship, you need to support and respect one another. Listen to your partner's ideas with enthusiasm and respect, even if you feel their idea is out in left field. You don't have to always agree with your partner; you just need to respect your partner. Look for qualities that you are fond of in your relationship and tell them. 

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These are all researched tips from The Gottman Institute. They have done over four decades of research in working with couples. If you find after reading this article that you need more help in your relationship, please go to

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