Make The Best Out Of Your Long Plane Rides

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Plane rides are not exactly the most pleasant way to spend a few hours – long security lines, small uncomfortable seats (unless you’re lucky enough to fly first/business class), dry recycled air, tiny restrooms, anxious travelers and so on. While there’s not much to do about those things, there are plenty of things that can be done about making the ride more enjoyable and even looking forward to the plane ride, not just getting to your destination.

Start with your packing

There is no reason why you’d have to go through the trouble of checking your bag if you’re going for a week-long trip. Choose a roller that’s easy to carry and fits easily in the overhead compartment plus a shoulder bag that will keep all your essentials together and is stylish enough to go with a variety of outfits. Plus you can use it as a day bag once you reach your destination. We love The Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design because it allows us to keep our laptop, toiletries, and other essential items readily available at the airport as well as during the flight. Plus it comes in two size 13” and 15” to adapt to your needs.

Choose comfortable clothing

While it might not seem like the most important thing, the clothing you wear close to your body on long flights makes a huge difference in how comfortable you feel. Choose odor eliminating underwear that keeps you cool and comfortable like the ExOfficio Underwear that comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit any style so you can still feel sexy, while at the same time staying comfortable. The Cep Recovery+ Socks are ideal for keeping your circulation in check while having to sit for long periods of time as well as keeping you warm during those cold journeys. For those moments when you need to take your shoes off to go through security as well as your wanders at your destination, opt for the stylish, yet super comfortable Suavs that come in various colors to match your every outfit.

Prepare for the noise

Airplanes are not known for their quiet and pleasant environments. Between the engine noise, your travel mates talking loudly and the child who can’t seem to want to sleep, why not create your own environment with the Roam With Ropes earphones that feature their very own personalized audio equalization options, are Bluetooth enabled and allow you to immerse yourself in your music, audio books or meditation sounds. If you have a tendency to get cold on planes, you can also opt for the Caseco Slouchy Blu-Toque Beanie, a beanie with earphones that connect directly to your phone or computer to keep you warm and away from the outside noises.

Stay hydrated

It’s easy to get dehydrated on planes. Between not being able to bring any liquids through security, then rushing to the gate to board the plane, many people are already dehydrated even before they get into the dry, recycled airplane air so the best option is to bring a Vapur Water Pouch that you can tuck away in a little pocket of The Everyday Messenger Bag and fill with water once you pass through security. While it’s important to hydrate from the inside, don’t forget about your face that gets incredibly dry too. DHC created the perfect Essential Travel Set to keep your skin glowing and Shea Terra Organics has the ideal Mongongo Bananas Lip Savior.

Last but not least, for the ladies looking to freshen up at the airport or even during the flight, Amika created the tiniest, most efficient hair styler, The Mighty Mini Downtown Styler that fits just right in your The Everyday Messenger Bag and comes with a perfect pouch to stash it in.

Now that your carryon is all set, which of the Top 25 cities in the world will you choose?