What You NEED To Think About If You're A Newly Single Woman Over 40

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Dating in your 40s is WAY different than in your 20s. Make sure you're stepping in on the right foot

Are you in your 40s and single? You’re not alone! In fact, you’re in the company of some of biggest celebrities in Hollywood,  including the likes of Heidi Klum, Courteney Cox, Idina Menzel, and Sandra Bullock.

Why are so many sexy women single?

Women today have more opportunities than ever before. We aren’t just baking the bread — we're making it. We have more choices, and our opinions carry real weight. We don’t need to get married young in order to financially survive.

In the past, many women followed tradition and married young. Realizing they were unhappy, or had settled for less than they deserved, they divorced. Other women, though, chose to focus on a career rather than love.

The problem is that many career women become so used to making all of their own decisions that they find 'letting go' quite difficult. They simply don't have confidence in their ability to love.

Successful women in their 40s and 50s come to me all the time finally ready to find a partner or get married. Many of these women, however, have a hard time breaking down their walls and letting a man in. These women fear that being in a relationship will mean giving something up — that they will have to change or lose their freedom.

Not so, I say! 

You CAN be both feminine and strong.

So what do you do?

Rather than thinking of dating as a chance to lose something, think of it as an opportunity to share a part of your life. Stop going into the dating world with the expectation that you'll be controlled or hurt. Really think about your core values and needs, and identify what you can bring to the table. Get yourself into a place where you FEEL dateable.

If you find it hard to communicate femininely, hire a dating coach. You put so much effort into being the best in all other areas of your life — put that effort into your dating life too. Don’t be afraid to get online, but make sure that to have a sound strategy. Ask questions, assert your needs, and have a confident “here I am” mentality.

A confident career woman who has a life, interests and depth? Now that's what I call sexy!