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Dressing to express your femininity is key to attracting the man of your dreams!

In order to attract the man of your dreams, it is vital to dress in a way 
that honors your beautiful figure. This means that you should only wear clothes that make the best of your unique shape. Before you hop on whatever trend they're pushing in Hollywood, ask yourself if the look works for you and your gorgeous body. Dressing the Part

The key is to emphasize what you do have and to detract from what you don't. Buy only the clothes that you know you'll put on over and over 
again because they make you feel fantastic and confident.

Avoid dressing provocatively since this often attracts the wrong types of men. There is a difference between attracting men and attracting the right types of men. Guys would much rather undress you with their eyes and leave things to the imagination than see it displayed right in front of them.  Part of being sexy is leaving them with a sense of intrigue and curiosity. If you give it all away to them, they may not have the desire to want more.

The first rule for selecting your attire is to wear an appropriate outfit for where you are going. Don't make yourself look clueless, like an outsider just coming in for the first time.

Secondly, dress feminine! This means that you should display your feminine sexuality with flowing hair or an attractive hairdo, nice nails, makeup and discreet displays of bare skin, plus colorful girlish clothes such as dresses or skirts and jewelry. You can't forget those high heel shoes, as men will swoon at the sight of how they shape your legs.

You also need to subtly display that you are a sexually alive woman who is approachable. Colors are especially important to men so you will want to be wearing clothes and makeup that are your best colors. This will dramatically enhance how you feel and how people relate to you.

Achieving your first goal to look like a sexually alive and "available" woman should be easy with proper colorful clothes, shiny jewelry, natural makeup, and a 'casual' hairstyle. Be sure to show your bare neck and ears.

At the end of the day, you want to attract a guy who likes you for you. Dress 
sexily, subtly and comfortably. If you feel comfortable, you'll look comfortable and confident in your own skin. Men find confident women sexy! Choose your attire to display your true or desired persona. Your goal is to stand out as special, desirable and available! 2 Steps To Feeling More Confident

You can practice putting your dating style together virtually by going to my favorite online store here. This high-tech site lets you style and re-style a model using their clothing pieces. For those of you who would like a little more personalized attention, you can find me at www.eliteimagemakeovers.com for a complete dating image consultation to learn what clothes and colors work best for you and to discover how I can help you own your new look and date successfully!


Kimberly Seltzer

Image Expert/Dating Coach/VIP Matchmaker




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