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How attractive you are on the outside is what gets his attention.

How attractive you are on the outside is what gets his attention. But how attractive you are on the inside is what keeps him coming back for more. When you’re positive, kind, appreciative and gracious, your energy glows and that’s what he will begin to crave.

At the core of the energy you radiate is your Essence. Your Essence is your true, beautiful, glorious, magnificent self. It is what is most attractive to men. When you shine, men notice. You have the ability to make your Essence shine more brightly. That, more than anything will effect your energy.

Are you aware that within you is a woman who is your dream-come-true version of yourself?
Do you know that she already exists, waiting for you to invite her to show herself, in her full glory?
Are you aware that all you need to do is allow your Essence to express itself?
Your Essence is expressed through your creativity, through the joy of just being, by loving, playing, and nurturing yourself and others. It’s also expressed when you give yourself permission to enjoy the world through your senses, like when you take the time to enjoy a luscious scent, a truly amazing meal, the pleasure of touching silken cloth, the beauty of the sun shining through a flower, through sexual expression (which means allowing that energy to flow, not necessarily having a lover), even by dancing in your underwear to your favorite music in your living room. Add to this mix, loving being a woman, and you will find men noticing you like never before.

If you’re tired, exhausted, listless, lonely, frustrated, angry, bitter, resentful, or unmotivated, you’re simply not connected to your Essence, you are not allowing and encouraging your woman energy to flow through you and you are not giving yourself the love and nurturing you need and deserve. If this is going on, how can you expect a man to be attracted to you or want to get close?

To enjoy your life, to draw love to you, to be loved and cared for by friends, family and a good man, you need to be expressing your Essence as fully and completely as you can. Every time I get into one of my “potty holes” I know I am much less attractive to everyone with whom I interact.

My upcoming book, Feminine Grace, will show you how to express your Essence, which will cause you to be happier and able to fall in love with yourself like never before. This is particularly important because how you love yourself is the how-to manual for how a man should love you. You are the living owner’s manual for how to love you, treat you, respect you and enjoy you. If you aren’t doing all these things for yourself, how can you expect a man to?

So, my dear, lovely one, how brightly does your Essence shine? Are you showing it to the world? Are you enjoying it? Are you celebrating it? Are you as “shiny” as you can be?

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 From my heart to yours, Kara Oh

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