This One Thing Could Keep You In Love


One of the primary reasons a couple falls out of love is because they forget what matters.

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a darling young woman at Starbucks in Montecito. If you know Starbucks, it’s the one over by Vons, where you can often find film folks shopping.

This cutie asked me how my day was going and I said, "Great, because I just got done walking on the beach with my boyfriend."

She said, "This may seem like a really personal question, but does that help your relationship?" Little did she know she was talking to a relationship coach. Funny, huh?

So I told her, "Absolutely! It’s one of the primary reasons why we’re more in love than ever, even after two and a half years."

Of course, it’s not the beach walk that causes this to work wonders, it’s the fact that we both make our special time together a priority.

You Absolutely Must Make Your Relationship A Priority If You Want To Stay In Love

Does it seem your life is too busy with work and your to-do list to keep your relationship sizzling? Are you too exhausted to even think about it?

What you need to remember is how much time and energy you were willing to give to finding this man you’re now with. If you don’t do the few simple things needed to stay in love, you’ll end up back in that "looking for Mr. Right" mode again.

If you’re not happy with where your relationship is today, you can do this simple thing and watch your love begin to flourish once again.

But it’s not about just spending time together. You probably do that already.

No, you need to spend a new kind of time together, every day. I call it, "Glue Time."

By new kind, I mean a new focus, a new goal, a new commitment. Trust me, this can be the glue that keeps you not only together, but madly in love.

It boils down to your intention.

If you both agree that you want your relationship to sparkle once again and you’re willing to figure out your version of a beach walk and commit to doing it every day, you’ll be on your way to falling in love once again.

Of course, there will be times when you won’t be able to make it happen. But if your intention is to keep it a priority and do it every day, then you’ll discover that you miss it when you don’t.

What Might Your Glue Time Look Like?

Maybe your routine is to come home and have a glass of wine together. Great. But now, make it your Glue Time, with the shift in energy so that your intention is to keep your relationship a priority so you stay in love.

Can you see how just making that commitment to each other will shift everything that's going on between you?

Or what if you take a walk after dinner as your Glue Time?

Or set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier and make snuggling in bed in the morning before you get up your Glue Time.

Again, it’s all about your intention. You can do the same things you’ve always done, but now, pick one thing and make it a daily habit.

Don’t believe it will work? Then just try it and see. Keep Reading...

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