3 Ways Single Moms Can Feel Beautiful For Mother's Day

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3 Ways Single Moms Can Feel Beautiful For Mother's Day
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... because single moms deserve to feel beautiful, too!

Do you remember when Billy Crystal said on SNL, "It's better to look good than to feel good?" Personally, I have found when my clients look good, they can't help but feel good, too. Top 20 Tips For Online Dating Over 40

As part of my online dating coaching services, I have partnered with two of New Jersey's top photographers to ensure my clients show the best version of themselves online. My female clients typically show up to a shoot in sweats with no makeup. Once they are dressed and have their makeup applied, their confidence shifts. They look good and feel good. They stand taller and project confidence. That self-confidence shows in their pictures and successfully translates into increased responses from potential matches.

Tonight, I have not one, but two clients heading out on a first date. They are both single mothers over 40 who have not dated in years. Apart from having a good time and getting a second date, another goal of theirs is to increase their self-confidence. One way I make sure my clients achieve this goal is by honoring their beauty.

As I have said before, my most successful clients are not the wealthiest, the most gregarious or even the most attractive. My most successful clients are those who are open, positive and project confidence. Through coaching, my clients find that they achieve an increase in confidence because they are not alone on the journey. Through my coaching, they receive guidance, direction and answers.

Here are three ways you can honor your beauty this Mother's Day:

1. Dress delightfully. You never know where you might meet someone. Therefore, no matter where you are going, make sure you wear clothing that makes you feel confident. Choose colors that help project your positive essence — colors that accentuate a particular feature, like your blue eyes or your porcelain skin. Be sure to wear outfits that show your feminine form. Remember: nothing grabs a mans attention more than your curves, so if you got them, flaunt them!

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