The U.S. And France's Shocking Views On Infidelity

Love, Heartbreak

The U.S. keeps our truth telling tongue, TIED!

In a recent article, the French appeared to accept infidelity more than other counties, like the U.S. I don't believe that Americans are less accepting. I believe they're more likely to lie—when it comes to infidelity.

Why Can't Americans Tell the Truth?

Societal repercussions. We know that we'll get eaten alive!

The best way to illustrate this point is to look at how, as a culture, we handled the Bill Clinton "scandal" versus how much less the French care about the personal lives of their leaders. 

About a year ago President Francois Hollande left one of his lover's apartment shortly before a press conference. And do you know what the reporters were more concerned about ... wait for it ... social security! 

That's crazy! Wait, is it? If just less than half of French citizens believe cheating is unmoral, is the President's discretion a news-worthy hot topic? Not really. 

If that happened today in the U.S. (because we like to believe we are morally better in terms of infidelity) our media would smell blood a mile away and literally shred Present Obama. 

U.S Versus France On Cheating Percentages

According to a study, 55 percent and 32 percent of French men and women admit to cheating—whereas, 20-40 percent and 20-25 percent of U.S. men and women fess up to straying. 

First, let me point out the "range" that the U.S. has to have. Trying to find an accurate number of married cheaters in the U.S. is about as easy as nailing Jell-O to the wall. 

It's reported that 63 percent of the French forgive their spouse that cheats. I would think that forgiveness would be a hard act to measure. For me to go along with this statistic, I would have to swap out "forgive" with "stay." 

Then we can compare the French and the "range" that one study found for the U.S. According to this study, anywhere from 59-86 percent stay in their marriage after it's revealed there's an affair.

If the French are so forgiving why do they have a higher divorce rate? Another interesting fact, as a side note: according to a global study, the divorce rate in France is 55 percent versus 52 percent in the U.S. 

It Boils Down To Vulnerability

In the U.S we feel entitled to have an opinion about everyone and everything and to shame those that go against the grain. This continuous destructive manner of presenting to the world as a façade will eventually implode our country. 

There has to come a time where Americans stop lying for fear of being socially shunned. Whether is comes in form of putting a stop to the pattern of publicly ostracizing societal members that stray, as we cheat in private or admitting that we are imperfect in a society that favors perfection.

What's The Ultimate Message?

Infidelity sucks regardless of your geographical location. Morally most understand that it's wrong and that it destroys their partner's when they cheat. 

In the U.S social stigmas are not going anywhere (yet); therefore, if you're looking for a solid stat from cheaters—you'll have better luck searching for a needle in a giant haystack.