Paying for the Sins of the EX


Starting over is such a chore. You get comfortable with the same old stuff, and finally you've had just enough that you gain the courage to exit, stage left. However; when you exit you drag a lot of that emotional garbage with you. When you meet someone  new, it's almost as if you are seeking out signs that the new person is going to react and have the same issues as the EX. Do you really give this person a chance to show you that he/she is unique? That he/she ISN'T your EX? In my blog today, I write about how to avoid paying for the sins of the EX. I know it takes patience, and the ability to not press or allow your buttons to be pressed. There are a multitude of "tests" that need to be endured before we can finally prove that "Dude (or Dudette) I am NOT your EX!".

If you are starting over, do yourself a favor, and start over with a fresh canvass. Remember: everyone deserves the opportunity to love you :-)