5 Ways Why A NYC Blizzard Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend


We'd be happy to call Snowmageddon ours!

Snowmageddon, the blizzard of January 2015, the was kind of a bust. While everyone up and down the East Coast was stocking up on toilet paper and imperishables, the so-called blizzard of the century was busy pulling the ultimate weather prank.

Even though the storm didn't quite live up to expectations, it was beautiful while it lasted. Here are some ways the blizzard is still better than a boyfriend.

1. He's non-judgmental. Do you feel like watching Netflix for hours on end, wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt? Snowmageddon supports it. Do you feel like wasting the snow day away by trying (and failing) to finish all those DIY projects you started? That’s what he’s here for. You don’t need to worry about being or doing anything other than exactly what you feel like.

2. He loves a good stay-cation. Snowmageddon is one chill dude. And everybody knows the only way to battle the cold is load up the comfy blankets and proceed into hibernation. He doesn’t try to make you feel anything other than totally comfortable, or even hint at the fact that you haven’t moved from your bed in 6 hours. We could get used to this.

3. He doesn’t care what others think. Some people thought he would destroy New York City as we know it, while others believed him to be too hyped up. But the moral is that Snowmageddon has never been anything but unapologetically who he is. We could use a little of that inspiration on our off-days.

4. He knows how to get a party started. When Snowmageddon is in town, he’s all anyone can talk about. Seriously, did you see the lines at Trader Joe’s? He makes the boxed wine and party snacks disappear at lightening speed. The commotion is high when he’s around—we’d be happy to call him ours.

5. He doesn’t try to force it. So Snowmageddon wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. Where a boyfriend might leave without a word or try to fix something that is clearly beyond repair, this blizzard knows how to bow out in good time. He appreciates the wonderful time you spent staying home and avoiding responsibilities without fear for the future. He’ll always hold a special place in your heart, but you know you are better off without him.

What do you think about Snowmageddon 2015? Was he a disappointment, or did he get your heard fluttering more than a boyfriend?