Date Night Ideas for Parents


Whether the kids are heading off for college soon or still keeping you awake for round-the-clock fee

Whether the kids are heading off for college soon or still keeping you awake for round-the-clock feedings, you owe it to yourself and your spouse to find fun ways to get away sometimes. Parents have their own challenges when it comes to date night, sure, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great date night ideas for parents.
First things first – you’ve got to get those kids covered! If you’re lucky enough to have ambitious teenagers available in your neighborhood, you know the routine. But if they’re booked, unreliable, or you need last minute help with the kids, don’t worry! The Internet has great resources for parents who need to be connected with reliable sitters or nannies. Check out, and and see how easy it can be to make a date night for parents happen.
So how about some food?
Dinner always works as a date activity, but as foodie culture has exploded across the country, there are options that make the old, “sit at a table and order off the menu” approach seem downright stodgy. New Yorkers can experience the Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest, a walking tour of some of the city’s most delicious neighborhoods. As you sample the exotic flavors, you’ll learn the histories of these communities from friendly and knowledgeable guides.
In Atlanta, parents can wrap up a romantic Valentine’s week with a mimosa-fueled Brunch and Live Music at Organix Lounge. Let the romance linger while you enjoy delicious food and relax to soulful music. It’s a perfect recharge for parents looking for a daytime date idea.
Left coasters have plenty of tasty date options – at extremely affordable prices. In San Francisco, tour the Ferry Building Marketplace and Farmer’s Market with Edible Excursions and sample the flavors of one of America’s culinary epicenters.
And a show?
Remember when a trip to the movies counted as a cheap date? Those days are done, but luckily there are tons of entertainment options available for the price-conscious couple. Chicago parents in need of a cheap date night, take heart: The Annoyance Theater presents An Unscripted Romance, where love meets improv! And in Los Angeles, you can check out some of the country’s top comedy talent for less than the price of a movie ticket at The Laugh Factory. Talk about a great cheap date idea for parents!

Or maybe just stay in!

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