Looking for Love? There's An App For That!


Online dating has gone mobile and so should you.Check out these apps to help you find your plus one.

As an online dating expert and matchmaker, I believe that love and relationships can be found online and off. In the summertime, it may be easier for singles to head to the beach or go to house parties to find a plus one. But once the cool weather sets in and holiday season kicks up, it can be harder to find spare time due to schedules, extracurricular activities, work and a little thing called sleep. Dating apps are a great way to still maintain a social life while trying to manage your daily life.

Twine is a new app that allows users to interact without uploading pictures. The benefit of this is you can get to know someone, possible even someone in your same apartment complex, without worrying about running into them in the laundry room. Twine adds anonymity to help avoid getting caught at the mailbox wearing your grubby clothes. 

Tinder is a great app that lets you playfully flirt while searching for love. Because the profiles are linked to Facebook, it gives you the user the opportunity to learn more about the person. Everyone knows Facebook is basically an online diary. You can find out anything from music preference, sports interest to bizarre fetishes. Ladies, avoid the bizarre fetishes - unless you're into those sort of things.

Dating apps and safe dating sites like FindYourPlusOne.com can be a useful extension to dating in college. Whether you are casually dating or seeking a lifetime partner, consider online and mobile dating to expand your dating world.

Contributed by Kimberly James, Online Dating Expert & Matchmaster, FindYourPlusOne.com and RSVPtoLove.com