Follow Your Nature To Find Peace, Love And Happiness

happy woman

Finding peace within yourself is the catalyst to all growth...healing, love, and self expression.

I wasn’t a very peaceful person.  My outer mask was fairly abrasive; the rebel fighting the system (which in those days was my poor teachers and principals ... sorry).  My inner state was more the wounded child, afraid, helpless, and mad at the people who didn’t protect me.

Nothing changed me, inside and out, more than the growing trust in Nature! (Feel free to incorporate God with Nature, if that is your belief.)

Without my rebellion strategy, which caused some significant pain through the years, I wouldn’t have chosen an alternative medicine path, and maybe not a healing path at all.  Becoming a doctor was a rebellion against my teachers’ opinions of me.  "I’ll show them!"  But I couldn’t be a mainstream doctor…

All of that anxiety, anger, and feeling helpless directed me to my career in Natural Medicine, which brings me such joy and passion.

It took me awhile to understand that Nature included my internal environment.  Nature includes our heart and gut, our desire and intuition.

I have come to trust that Nature has a remedy for all our ailments.  I have come to trust that every symptom is guidance toward our healing.

I now realize that the primary distraction from our nature is our thoughts.  Perhaps we accept a belief that we cannot heal from our disease.  That thought prevents or distracts you from being guided by your nature. 

Our nature desires and connects to thriving, reproducing, love, contribution to a greater good, and personal growth.  Disease and disability is a barrier to these desires.  Low energy disables you from achieving more, knee pain disables you from full expression of your highest self, painful relationships disables you from complete love and connection.


Our nature provides messages that we can completely trust.  Every symptom is a message of guidance.  On your healing journey, remember that statement. It doesn’t mean you need to enjoy the message, but that you respect and appreciate it.  You listen and follow its guidance.  And trust that it is guiding you toward your greatest desire and wisdom. 

Think big!  What does this message symbolize? 

Anxiety may be directing you to your passion.  I received loud messages of anxiety most of my life.  Becoming a doctor was not my passion, and the anxiety continued.  It kept me searching; functional medicine, five elements of eastern medicine, applied kinesiology, emotional healing techniques…

Pain may be guiding you to a teacher or healer. Our growth requires us to find our teachers, whether or not that is in person.  I have received great teachings from people I never met, and I have received emails thanking me for the growth achieved through reading my ideas.

Low energy may be guiding you toward self care, learning how to protect your boundaries, express your passion, or nourish your vehicle. 

Allergies and hypersensitivities might be guiding you toward authenticity and vulnerability.  It could guide you to my Five Elements System, which helps soothe your emotional reaction to your experiences.  If you are sensitive to criticism, feeling ignored or feeling dumb, the end result goes something like this:  "Wow, he really let me have it, and…wow…it didn’t bother me."  Or: "Wow, I looked like a total bone head there, and…wow…it was completely fine."

Those are big picture paths…but allergy symptoms might also guide you to the discovery of the trace mineral molybdenum, which often helps to reduce sinus allergies by decreasing sensitivity to perfumes and other smelly chemicals.  We have to face the reality that our environment now includes those chemicals, and they can be the source of the allergy response.

I made it through many "messages" without complete trust.  I didn’t appreciate my anxiety, shoulder pain, allergies…and all of them kept sending messages until I found what I was looking for.  The solution was always Nature, in the form of diet, lifestyle changes, natures medicines, or even my thoughts and beliefs.  All part of our nature. 

What if I was trusting and appreciative of my symptoms, respectfully obeying their guidance, and moving toward my desire?  You never know, but my guess would be that I would have found my desire and relief in a fraction of the time. 

What if I accepted the belief that my allergies were a condition I must endure for life?  What if I rationalized that because of the removal of my spleen, I was stuck with allergies?  What if I believed I could overcome, but I knew I couldn’t afford to see the "right" doctor to fully heal?  You never know, but my guess would be that I would prolong my suffering, perhaps indefinitely. 

I got lucky. I figured out that I can trust in Nature and the messages it provides.  I always focused on what I do control in my journey.  You don’t have to walk my path to get this powerful lesson. You can start practicing trust today.  It does take practice, but it’s as simple as tuning into your body, and tuning out your brain. 

I have found my "remedy" for much of my suffering, and any remaining suffering has been eased by trusting the message.  It is slowly replaced with excitement for the journey that my nature is guiding me on, and that has brought peace and happiness to my journey.  I wish it for everyone. 

My first book, “When Did Natural Become the Alternative,” is an attempt at gifting you that healing mindset.  And it is a gift.  If you don’t believe, it will help you believe.  If you rationalize, it will help you connect to different reasons.  If you feel helpless to circumstances, it will tune you in to discover the next step, within your resources and capability. 

If you haven’t yet, give it a read.  Every moment you read this type of message is a slight change in your brain’s filtering system (and yes, your brain filters life for what you are focused on, impossibility or potential).  You will experience peace by filtering for trust and resourcefulness!